Resolution of Increased and Decreased Triad

Not every triad requires permission. For example, if we are dealing with chords of tonic triad, then where is he to be resolved? It is a tonic anyway. If you take a subdominant triad, then it does not aspire to resolution by itself, but rather, on the contrary, willingly moves away from the tonic as far as possible.

Simple chords for piano from black keys

Continuing the conversation about how to play the chords on the piano, let's move the piano chords from the black keys. I remind you that in our field of attention the simplest chords are the major and minor triad. Applying even only one triad can "decently" harmonize almost any melody, any song.

American music

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NF (Rapper): interesting facts, best songs, biography, listen

NF (Rapper) Young hip-hop & rap performers continue to win popular American charts. The opening of 2017 was a talented rapper NF. Millions of people around the world are imbued with not only life history, but also the meaning embedded in the rapper's texts. New rap album "Perception" instantly took a leading position in the hit parade of Billboard-200.

Concert programs of the ensemble "Semper-musica"

Concert programs: "In the name of Clara" R. Schumann - Quartet op.47 Es-dur for piano, violin, viola and cello I. Brahms - Quartet No. 1 g-moll op.25 for piano, violin, viola and cello The program is composed from the works of composers - romantics. This genre is easy for anyone to listen to, regardless of age, musical tastes and degree of preparedness.