Interesting facts about jazz

Interesting facts about jazz So bright and many-sided, at the same time mysterious and alluring - it's all about jazz. We have prepared for you a number of interesting facts about which you did not know anything until today. No other style of music is shrouded in mystery like jazz. This concerns the word itself, so far researchers have not come to a common opinion what this definition means and where it came from.

What is jazz, jazz history

What is jazz, jazz history What is jazz? These exciting rhythms, pleasant live music, which is constantly evolving and moving. With this direction, perhaps, no other can be compared, and it is impossible to confuse it with any other genre, even for a beginner. And here's a paradox, to hear and recognize it is easy, but to describe it in words is not so simple, because jazz is constantly evolving and the concepts and characteristics used today will become obsolete in a year or two.

The amazing life of jazz

Amazing jazz life What great jazz musicians do you know? Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, BB King? Many famous musicians left their bright mark on the history of jazz. Their work is sometimes distinctive, brightly flashy, amazingly beautiful can not fail to fascinate. To make you better acquainted with the great jazzmen, we have compiled for you a selection of unique facts and secrets from their work and biography.