Ancient music from the inside

Guitar and music of Spain Link Music of France Link Music of Italy Link Ancient music of England Link Nowadays, concerts devoted to ancient music are often held. At first glance it may seem that all this music is the same. Well, what is special and original in the old days could composers compose, having in the arsenal the simplest musical instruments, sharpened goose feathers and ink?

Spanish Guitar and Music

Guitar and music of Spain Probably, hardly today you will meet a person who has never heard the music of Spain. The soft sound of the guitar, charming melodies, clear rhythms ... Today, Spain can not be imagined without a guitar, it is considered to be its national instrument with a long history. About how its "fate" was taking place several centuries ago, we will tell some interesting facts.

Italy Music

Music of Italy Music of Italy is known all over the world. There is not a single country and not a single continent where they would hear nothing about it. Italy is considered the cradle of musical art, the country that gave the world the greatest genre - the opera. In this article we will share with you some interesting information from the history of the musical culture of this sunny state.

Music of France

Music of France Ancient music of France is a special layer of world musical culture. Music has always played a special role in this country - it was an integral part of family life, street parties, and with the adoption of Christianity and religious rites. From the rich musical life of ancient France, we have selected for you some interesting facts.

Music of england

The Music of England The ancient music of England ... What do we know about her? Well, at least a few composer names and a dozen of their creations. We supplement this knowledge with five interesting facts. The royal song The famous English king Henry VIII (nicknamed "Bluebeard") was a passionate admirer of not only the fair sex, but also musical art.