Classic Link Ballets About Ballet Link Ballet, like no other kind of art, is striking in its emotionality, beauty of refined and expressive movements and facial expressions. What do you know about ballet? Thanks to our section, which is entirely devoted only to this kind of art, you will slightly open the theater curtain for yourself and find yourself behind the scenes of many world theaters, attend the most popular productions, be able to get to know them, thanks to a specially selected video.

Classic ballets

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Interesting facts about ballet

Interesting facts about ballet What do you know about ballet? What is this genre when it originated, in which country? We have prepared for you fascinating facts with which to study this most beautiful art form will become even more interesting. Thus, for the first time on the national stage, ballet was staged in 1675 in the theater of Alexei Mikhailovich, its plot was connected with the myth of Orpheus.

Poses in classical ballet.

Poses in classical ballet. In any ballet, plastic, staging of arms, legs and body, as well as elegantly curved toe and foot are important. When we observe the fluttering of ballerinas on the stage, we do not even notice that sometimes they stop, freeze in the dance, keeping the balance on only one leg, called the support, the second (working) can be in a different position and this is called posture.

The best ballets of the world: brilliant music, brilliant choreography ...

The best ballets of the world: Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Anyway, you can’t overlook the famous masterpiece of the Russian composer in four acts, thanks to which the German legend about the beautiful swan girl is immortalized in the eyes of art lovers. In the story, the prince, in love with the swan queen, betrays her, but even the realization of a mistake does not save him or his lover from the raging elements.

About ballet

Interesting facts about ballet Link Classical ballet poses Link What is ballet, ballet history Link "Russian Seasons" by Sergei Pavlovich Dyagilev Link and many people who are in a hurry to take their places to touch the beautiful - to see the next ballet.

Contemporary Ballet: Boris Eifman Theater

If we try very briefly to describe the state of the ballet of the late 20th and 21st centuries, then it must be said that today there is academic ballet, folk dance and everything else that should be called modern ballet. And here, in the modern ballet, such a variety reigns that you can get lost. To find one, you can talk about ballet from different countries, recall modern performers, but perhaps the best approach is to start a conversation about ballet masters, those people in the world of ballet who actually create it themselves.

Angelica Holina: ballet without ballet

There is a special charm when you have to write about a young artist, no matter who it is - a singer, a dancer, a performing musician. Because there are no well-established views on his work, he is still full of energy, and finally, a lot can be expected from the young maestro. In this regard, it is very interesting to observe the choreographer of the Vakhtangov Theater (

Pina: dance in 3D, what next?

In general, her full name sounds like the Philippines, but in ballet circles she is known as Pina Bausch, a German dancer and choreographer. She has been on the stage since she was 5, she studied first in Germany (a high school in Essen), then in the USA (Dzhulyardovskaya school). Then she worked in the New American Ballet and the Metropolitan Opera (USA), in Germany in the Folkwang Ballet and in the ballet of the Wuppertal Theater.

I. Stravinsky ballet "The Firebird": content, video, interesting facts

I. Stravinsky ballet "The Firebird" "The Firebird" is a bright and colorful ballet by I.F. Stravinsky on a fabulous theme, which was written by order of SP Dyagilev for "Russian Seasons". The main part of the libretto was created by the most talented choreographer M. Fokin, however, many changes were made, and for this many talented artists, writers and even connoisseurs of literature were attracted.

Ts. Puni ballet "Esmeralda": content, video, interesting facts

Ts. Puni ballet "Esmeralda" Caesar Puni's ballet "Esmeralda" was created after the famous work of Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo. Libretto author J. Perrot is a famous choreographer. The ballet plot has undergone significant changes compared to the original source, the choreographer categorically did not accept the tragic end of the work, so he decided to change it, leaving all the main characters alive and giving Esmeralda long-awaited happiness.

Ballet "Don Quixote": content, interesting facts, video, history

L. Minkus ballet "Don Quixote" The immortal creation of Cervantes is reflected in the ballet by composer Ludwig Minkus and librettist Marius Petipa. However, this is not a dramatization of the masterpiece at all, only a small part of it is used in the plot, and the main character Don Quixote is even a minor character in some way.

What is ballet, ballet history

What is ballet, the history of the ballet "We want not just to dance, but to speak with dance" by G. Ulanov The amazing, wonderful and multi-faceted world of ballet will not leave anyone indifferent. For the first time this word was sounded in Italy, the genre itself originated in France, besides this, ballet is the real pride of Russia, moreover, in the XIX century it was the Russian performance created by P.

Ballet "Corsair": content, video, interesting facts

A. Adan Ballet "Corsair" Ballet "Corsair" is the third masterpiece in this genre of the creator of the legendary "Giselle" - Charles Adolf Adan. This performance was his swan song. It is based on the libretto of J. Saint-Georges on the work of Lord Byron. The plot of the ballet is quite confusing, here are pirates, a romantic captain, mutinies, robberies, a beautiful love story, numerous escapes of captive prisoners, poisoned flowers, and all this with the "sauce" of wonderful French romantic music.

Ballet "Sylph":: interesting facts, video, content, history

J.M. Schneitzhoffer ballet "Sylphide" The fate of the ballet "Sylphide" is bizarre, like the legend told in it. Like its main character - the elusive air Maiden, the ballet for 185 years has disappeared, then returned to the stage. But in the history of the theater "Sylph", which is called the "elder sister of Giselle," will always stand apart.

Ballet "Parsley": content, video, interesting facts, history

I. Stravinsky ballet "Parsley" The ballet "Parsley", the music for which was written by the young composer I. Stravinsky, became in 1911 the highlight of "Russian Seasons" in Paris. At that time, no one could have imagined that Parsley, with its inherent clumsy plastic and sad face, would become a symbol of the Russian ballet avant-garde.

P.I. Tchaikovsky "Waltz of the Flowers": history, content, interesting facts

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky "The Dance of Little Swans" "Swan Lake" - this unsurpassed masterpiece of the great Russian composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, written more than a century ago, is well known not only in our country, it conquers human hearts all over the world. The work, called the symbol of beauty and greatness of Russian culture, is currently very popular and is included in the list of the most performed ballets.

Ballet "Spring sacred": interesting facts, video, content, history

I. Stravinsky ballet "Spring sacred" From scandal to masterpiece - such a predictably thorny path in the history of world art was Igor Stravinsky's ballet "Spring sacred". "The composer wrote the score, to which we will grow only in 1940," said one of the theater critics after the premiere, which made the Honorable Parisian public experience a deep cultural shock.

Ballet "Giselle": content, interesting facts, video, history

A. Adan Ballet "Giselle" At the heart of the work "Giselle" by Adolf Adan lies the ancient Slavic legend of the villies - the dead young unmarried girls betrayed by their beloveds. From now on, they are forced to avenge themselves, at night killing young men, drawing them into their dances. The performance itself is a slightly modified and supplemented fantastic story, on the plot of which three librettists worked.