Chamber instrumental music

Classics VS Modernity Link Amazing Musical Works Link What is chamber music and how does it differ from other types? Such a question will certainly arise for those who first discover the world of art. First of all, it is worth noting that this type differs significantly from symphonic, theatrical or concert music.

String and helicopter quartet

String-helicopter quartet What do you know about unusual works? Perhaps they are performed on a strange instrument or the composer has encrypted a secret meaning in it? And what if not only musicians, but also helicopters take part in the piece? How do you like this turn of events! Such a shocking at first glance, the idea came to mind a wonderful composer, a representative of musical avant-garde Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Amazing music pieces

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S. Rachmaninov "Italian Polka": history, notes, videos, interesting facts

S. Rachmaninov "Italian Polka" "Italian Polka" is the composer’s memory recorded in notes. The work tells not only about sunny and beautiful Italy, but also about skilled musicians, and about warm family evenings. Charming music from the first sounds will captivate the listener's heart. On our page you can learn the history of creation, interesting facts and listen to the interpretation of the work.

R. Schumann "Brave Rider": history, content, video, sheet music

R. Schumann "The Bold Rider" The outstanding German composer Robert Schumann has one extraordinary work that occupies a special place in his work. This is a collection of piano miniatures called "Album for the Young." The cycle, consisting of forty-three small pieces, specially created for beginning musicians, won great love since its appearance, because its images, brightly painted by the composer with the help of musical sounds, inhabit the magical land of childhood, so clear and close to the younger generation.

F. Schubert "The Trout": history, content, interesting facts

F. Schubert "The Trout" Franz Schubert is an outstanding Austrian composer who made an invaluable contribution to the treasury of world music culture. The founder of romanticism wrote his works in various genres, but the basis of his work were vocal miniatures, which he wrote more than six hundred. Not all of them are equal, but most of them are bright masterpieces that emotionally affecting the audience delight them.

F. Schubert "The Forest King": history, content, interesting facts

F. Schubert "The Forest King" Chamber-vocal music is a type of art, a great contribution to the development of which was made by Franz Schubert. It was this distinguished Austrian romantic composer who rediscovered the vocal ballad expressively depicting various human feelings and combining the narrative with a pictorial depiction of various fantasy fictions.

F. Chopin "Waltz in C Sharp Minor": history, content, interesting facts

Frederic Chopin "Waltz No. 7 in C Sharp Minor" (op. 64 No. 2) Frederic Chopin is an outstanding Polish composer and pianist who created magnificent creations in piano music, which today are considered to be unsurpassed masterpieces. In his works, distinguished by special trepidation and subtlety, the whole texture fascinates, and the harmony envelops the melodic lines so amazingly that one gets the impression of something extraordinarily sublime.

Luigi Boccherini "Minuet": history, interesting facts, content, video, listen

Luigi Boccherini "Minuet" from the E-dur quintet (op. 11 no. 5) Luigi Boccherini is the name of this talented Italian composer, a prominent representative of the Viennese classicism and rococo widely known to all lovers of classical music. The outstanding maestro, is the author of a large number of beautiful creations, which, at the present time, conquering listeners, very often sound from the scenes of concert halls.

F. Schubert "Ave Maria": history, video, music, listen

F. Schubert "Ave Maria" A miniature masterpiece by the Austrian composer Franz Schubert for almost 2 centuries has been loved by the public and performers all over the world. The unusually touching melody finds a response in the soul of both a professional musician and an amateur who does not know the notes. History of creation In the summer of 1825, Franz Schubert set out with Johann Vogel, the retired opera singer, as an accompanist with concerts in Upper Austria.

R. Schumann "Santa Claus": history, content, video

Robert Schumann "Santa Claus" The name of the German composer - the romance of Robert Schumann is well known not only to adult fans of classical music, but also to young performers who are taking their first steps into the wonderful world of art. The maestro deserved such universal recognition by right, since he directed his composer attention with diligence to the creative development of children.