Children's music

In the world there is a huge amount of music for children. Their distinctive feature is the concreteness of the plot, simplicity and lively poetic content. Of course, all the musical works for children are written according to their age possibilities. For example, vocal compositions take into account the range and power of the voice, while instrumental works take into account the level of technical training.

Using an interactive whiteboard in a music lesson

At present, children prefer video to audio media. Often, students search for an answer to a question using Internet search engines without verifying the accuracy of sources. Students prefer to use modern technologies and active learning. General recommendations Carefully study all the possibilities of the interactive whiteboard before proceeding with its operation.

Music competitions for children in Russia

In our country, a variety of music competitions for children. Reigning at such events, the holiday atmosphere allows participants and spectators to immerse themselves in the magical world of classical music. Participation in them contributes to increasing the child's self-esteem and stimulates young artists to achieve new heights.

Where to find the strength to continue studying music?

Dear friend! More than once in your life a moment will come when you want to give up everything and retreat. One day this will happen with the desire to continue studying music. What can be done in this situation? Why does initial enthusiasm disappear? There was a time when you looked forward to the opportunity to pick up the instrument and flew to the lessons like wings, rejoicing in your success.

Famous cartoon songs

There is not a single person, especially a child, who would not like beautiful Soviet cartoons. They are loved for purity, kindness, humor, culture, responsiveness. Examples of such cartoons are the well-known "Bremen Musicians", the exotic island "Chunga-changa", the cartoon about the cunning boy "Antoshka", good cartoons "Little Raccoon" and "Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka".

How to return the enthusiasm to the student of the music school?

Any teacher is pleased to work with a student who is interested in their successes and seeks to improve the results achieved. However, almost every child has a period when he wants to quit music lessons. In most cases, this is observed in 4-5 years of study. Often, the situation is worsened by the attitude of parents who will gladly dump the blame from their offspring on the “incompetent” teacher.

The diagnosis is non-Mozart ... Do I have to worry about the teacher? A note about teaching children to play the piano

A new student has come to your class. The first line - the entrance exam - they successfully overcome. Now it's your turn to get to know this baby. What is he like? Talented, "middling" or not at all able to work? What is the lottery ticket you got? Teaching children to play the piano is a difficult and responsible process, especially in the initial period.

Why do we need rhythmics in music school?

Today's students of music schools, especially primary schools, are heavily loaded with various extra classes and circles. Parents, wanting to facilitate their child's school in children's music school, try to connect some educational disciplines or replace one with another. The rhythm at the music school is often underestimated by them.

Listen to "Carnival of animals" with a child

Caring parents, who are deeply not indifferent to the future of their children, are well aware that music perfectly develops the intellect, thinking, memory and attention of children. However, not everyone is able to bring listening to music with a child to a higher level than just background perception. It turns out that listening to music with a child is not only necessary, but also possible.

Types of music games

Since mankind discovered music, countless games have appeared, in which it occupies far from the last place. That is, music games as well as music have become an integral part of the culture of almost all nations of the world. Among all this countless number we can single out the main types of music games: folk and modern.

Educational music games for children

Musical lessons are not only singing and learning to play instruments, but also a great opportunity to bring variety to almost all classes. You can start to engage in any age, developing musical games for children will benefit both for mental and physical formation.

Rhythm for children: a lesson in kindergarten

Rhythmics (rhythmic gymnastics) is a system of musical rhythmic education, the purpose of which is to develop a sense of rhythm and coordination. Rhythmics are also called classes for children (usually preschool-age children), where kids learn to move to music, control their body, develop attention and memory.

How to instill in children a love of music?

How to instill in children a love of music, if you really want a child to join art in his life? Since time immemorial, man has been surrounded by music. The singing of birds, the rustling of trees, the murmur of water, the whistle of the wind can be called the music of nature. In order to develop the sense of beauty in children, to teach them to love and understand music, it is necessary for the music to surround the children from the very first moments of their life.

Children's outdoor games to music

Pay attention to how children react to the sounds of music. Their body parts start tapping, tapping to the beat, and ultimately they start dancing, which is not limited by any dance of the world. Their movements are unique and unique, in a word are individual. Due to the fact that children are so sensitive to music, they are very fond of children's outdoor games to music.

Old-time children's musical folklore: something interesting from the life of our distant ancestors

In order to understand the origin and meaning of children's musical folklore, one needs to know the peculiarities of the Slavic worldview. At a time when this layer of oral folk art was actively formed, our ancestors adhered to pagan worship and led an agricultural way of life. These two features gave rise to a peculiar attitude to life and a keen view of nature, within which culture was formed.

Birthday Music Contests

Pre-holiday bustle, shopping bustle, preparations - all these are attributes of a birthday, or rather, preparation for it. And so that the birthday itself does not fly instantly and imperceptibly, so that guests do not yawn from boredom under philosophical conversations, one more point should be added to the preparations - birthday music contests.

The turning point of the student musician. What should parents do if the child refuses to continue to attend music school?

Sooner or later, almost every young musician has a moment when he wants to give up classes. Most often this happens during the 4-5 years of study, when the program becomes more difficult, the requirements are higher, and the accumulated fatigue is greater. This is facilitated by a number of factors. On the one hand, the growing up child has more freedom.