Playing the chords on the piano

Article for those who learn to play chords on the piano to the songs. Surely you come across such songbooks, where guitar chords with their tablature, that is, transcripts that let you know which string and where to press it to make one or another chord, are attached to the text. The manual, which is in front of you, is something like such tablature, only in relation to keyboard instruments.

Simple chords for piano

Today we talk about how to play chords on the piano, and how to turn guitar chords into chords for the piano. However, you can play all the same chords on a synthesizer and in general on any other instrument. You, most likely, more than once saw the lyrics with guitar tablature - mesh, which shows which strings on which fret to clamp to play a particular chord.

Circulation of a triad: how do appeals, types of appeals, how are they built?

Circulation of a triad is a change in the original structure of a chord, in which a new kindred chord is produced from the same sounds. Not only triads (a chord of three sounds), but also any other chords, as well as intervals, can be addressed. The principle of treatment (or if you want to rotate around) is the same in all cases: all sounds that are in this source chord remain in their places except for one — the top or bottom.

Simple chords for piano from black keys

Continuing the conversation about how to play the chords on the piano, let's move the piano chords from the black keys. I remind you that in our field of attention the simplest chords are the major and minor triad. Applying even only one triad can "decently" harmonize almost any melody, any song.

How to remember chords on the beginnings of famous melodies

It doesn't matter what causes the urgent need to memorize chords by heart. Perhaps you need to show off skills in front of fellow musicians. Or, much worse, the solfeggio exam is “on the nose”, and you do not distinguish a triad from a quartekstektakord — a crime within the framework of the criminal code, in the opinion of your theorist.

What are the chords

So, in the center of our attention - musical chords. What are the chords? What are the main types of chords? These and other issues we have to discuss today. Accord is a harmonious consonance in the simultaneity of three or four or more sounds. I hope you get the point - there should be at least three sounds in a chord, because if, for example, two, then this is not a chord, but an interval.

Resolution of Increased and Decreased Triad

Not every triad requires permission. For example, if we are dealing with chords of tonic triad, then where is he to be resolved? It is a tonic anyway. If you take a subdominant triad, then it does not aspire to resolution by itself, but rather, on the contrary, willingly moves away from the tonic as far as possible.

What stage is the D7, or the music catechism built on?

Can you tell me on which level the dominant seventh chord is built? With such a question to me sometimes beginners solfezhisty. How not to tell? Indeed, for a musician, this question is from the catechism. By the way, do you know the word catechism? Catechism is an ancient Greek word, which in the modern sense means a summary of any teaching (for example, religious) in the form of questions and answers.

How to build a triad on the piano and write it notes?

So, today we will figure out how to build a triad on note paper or on the instrument. But to begin with, let us repeat a little, what is this triad in music? Since childhood, since studying at a music school, I remember this verse: "Three sounds, some consonance is the perfect triad."

Chord structure: what are chords made of, and why are they so called?

So, the structure of chords is a topic that we will develop today. And, first of all, let's turn to the definition of a chord, clarify what it represents. Accord is a consonance, a sound complex. In a chord, at the same time or one after the other, at least three sounds should be performed in turn, because the harmonies in which only two sounds are called differently are intervals.