The song "Dark Night": the story of a wonderful song

Today, many songs of past years are forgotten, or remain in the memory of pensioners. However, smart performers periodically turn to the historical treasury of musical art, bringing diversity to their own work. So, many fans of Basta several years ago were surprised to hear the song "Dark Night" sounding in their lips.

The best musical films: films that everyone will like

Surely everyone has their own list of favorite musical films. This article does not set out to list all the best musical films, but in it we will try to identify worthy pictures in its category. This is the best classical biography of the musician, the best "art-house" musical film and one of the best musicals.

Vladimir Dashkevich - Well, of course - this is Bumbarash!

The article is dedicated to the composer Vladimir Dashkevich and his beautiful music for the film "Bumbarash". An interesting and unusual attempt was made to compare the film’s music with the life and work of the composer. The genre of the movie allows you to build or connect / mount various and distant events. But then it should extend to the "near-movie" phenomena.

Alfred Schnittke: Let the Film Music Be First

Music today penetrates all spheres of our life. Rather, we can say that there is no such area where the music sounds. Naturally, this fully applies to cinema. Once upon a time, the times when movies were shown only in cinemas and the pianist-illustrator complemented what was happening on the screen with his play.