Expressive possibilities of the whole gamut

In the theory of music, it is accepted to call the whole scale a range in which the distances between adjacent steps make up a whole tone. Its presence in the musical fabric of the work is easily recognizable, thanks to the pronounced mysterious, ghostly, cold, frozen character of the sound. Most often, the imaginative world with which the use of such a range is connected is a fairy tale, fantasy.

Humor in classical music

Music is a universal art, it is capable of displaying everything that exists in the world, including the phenomenon of humor that is difficult to define. Humor in music can be associated with a comic text - in an opera, operetta, romance, but any instrumental composition can be filled with it. Little tricks of big composers There are many techniques of musical expression to create a humorous effect: deliberately inserted into musical fabric, fake notes; unjustified pausing; inappropriate amplification or attenuation of sonority; the inclusion in the musical fabric of a sharply contrasting material incompatible with the main material; imitation of easily recognizable sounds; sound effects and more.