In the field of birch stood: what is remarkable about the history of the song, and what is its hidden meaning?

It is known that even the great Mr. Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin himself loved to hum a song about the whitish birch under his breath. This is the XIX century, but the song was known before. For the first time the notes and the text of the song "In the field of birch stood" was published in the collection of Lvov-Pracha, which was published in 1790. In the same year, Radishchev mentions it in his "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow."

Indian folklore - the inimitable soul music

Indian folklore at all times differed extraordinary development and was based on the psychological connection between man and nature, which was reflected in the sounds. The boundaries of Indian civilization constantly changing in the course of numerous conquests and the mixing of very different cultures influenced the character of folk art, which over the years has not lost its originality and uniqueness.

Arab folklore - mirror of the East

The cultural heritage of the Arab world, one of the wisest and most powerful civilizations, - folklore - reflects the essence of life of the Ancient East, its traditions, foundations, and is largely due to the Muslim worldview of the Arabs. Flourishing through conquest The first monument of Arabic folklore dates back to the 2nd millennium BC.

Myths and Legends of Music

From ancient times, with the help of music, they entered into a trance, sent messages to the deities, lit the hearts of the music for battle and, through the harmony of notes, established peace between the warring parties, recognized melody in love. Legends and legends about music brought to us from the depth of centuries many interesting things. Myths about music are quite widespread among the ancient Greeks, but we will tell you from their mythology only one story, a story about the appearance of flutes on Earth.

History of Russia in the Cossack songs

A folk song has a long and glorious history, and its value lies in the fact that it is in it that the state of the soul of people is expressed, and it is in it that something surprising that is called the folk spirit, folk self-consciousness, is preserved. And the songs contain important information about a particular historical period, which is why historians and folklorists pay a lot of attention to studying them.

Rites of passage: what is common between the birth of a child, a wedding and a funeral?

Every day we live a lot of events, important or not, but there are among them special, completely changing lives, and from ancient times they are accompanied by special rituals that help to accept the changes that have occurred. Three status for life Actually, there are only three such events when a person in a global sense changes its status: when it comes to this world, when it gets the opportunity to bring someone else to this world and when this world leaves.

Armenian folk music

Armenian folk music or folk music has been known since ancient times. In Armenian folklore, the use of wedding, ceremonial, table, labor, lullabies, household, game and other songs became widespread among the people. In the Armenian musical folklore a large place is occupied by peasant songs "Orovely" and songs "panduhtov".