Indila (Indila): biography, best songs, interesting facts

Indila (Indila) This young singer is called the "discovery of the year". She surrounded herself with a veil of secrecy to attract the attention of fans. But even more, the audience is charmed by the charming voice of a French performer who calls herself a "child of the world." Read a brief biography of Indila and a lot of interesting facts about the singer on our page.

French chanson

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Jacques Brel: biography, best songs, interesting facts

Jacques Brel Jacques Brel is not just a musician, it is a real phenomenon, a myth. He was a rebel by nature and lived by emotions. His performances are literally permeated with furious energy, and the concerts themselves were an enchanting show of their power. Few of the performers are capable of so sincerely, truly living songs, as the legendary Jacques did.

Lara Fabian "Adagio": history, interesting facts, content, video, listen

Lara Fabian "Adagio" Lara Fabian. The voice of this singer admired thousands of audience. She has her fanatical fans on all continents. Europe, America, Asia and Australia are standing up for her. However, not only the deep and sonorous soprano of a talented singer conquers the whole world. Listeners are fascinated by the sincere performance of songs in which Lara displays her entire life.

What is chanson, the history of chanson

What is chanson, the history of chanson "For this song we first met our eyes ... This melody will forever remain for me a memory of our first kiss ... Do you remember how we danced at the prom to these rhythms?" A song is a memory. Hearing your favorite tunes, we cry and smile, fly away into the past, to once again feel the full range of emotions of past events.

Garou (Garou): biography, best songs, interesting facts

Garou (Garou) The name of the French-Canadian pop singer, musician and actor Pierre Garan, acting under the pseudonym Garou, is well known to fans of rhythm-and-blues around the world. Today the singer is actively touring, acting in films, participating in popular television projects. The reason for the success of Garou is not only in the undisputed talent and velvet, attracting the attention of listeners baritone.

Salvatore Adamo: biography, best songs, interesting facts, videos.

Salvatore Adamo For more than half a century of career, more than five hundred songs, more than one hundred million records sold all over the world ... One can list the achievements of the world famous chansonnier for a long time, but Salvatore Adamo himself always preferred music filled with sensuous content to cold numbers. Jacques Brel at one time called the musician "a gentle gardener of love" and was not mistaken.

Paul Moriah: biography, best works, interesting facts, listen

Paul Maurias Many people know about the orchestra of Paul Mauriat, his music was played on television, in movies, on records. But few people thought that they were copies of foreign records without respecting copyright. However, the arranger himself did not make official complaints about this. Paul Mauriat considered himself a happy man who did what he loved, and obviously had an amazing breadth of his soul.

Stromae (Stromae): biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Stromae (Stromae) The appearance of this Belgian performer with such a charming voice and bold music of his own composition was unexpected, and the success of the artist is very rapid. In 2009-2010, in almost all countries of the world, the motive of the famous single "Alors on danse" sounded. His singing, inimitable French accent, unusual appearance, and also a pleasant voice will hardly leave anyone indifferent.

Alizee (Alizee): biography, best songs, interesting facts

Alizee (Alizee) Reading the biography of this popular French singer, you are surprised at the ease with which she achieves everything. She was never afraid to use the chance given by fate. Due to this, she came to the world of music, although in dreams she saw herself in a completely different profession. Even after the failures, which also happened in the life of Alize, she easily won the hearts of admirers.

Yves Montand: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Yves Montand Yves Montand was a true model of Italian character - active, loud, passionate. Life answered him the same way, throwing up fantastic opportunities, bringing with the most beautiful and popular women of the time, whom Yves gave unique emotions, but not for long. For many of them, Montand remained only a hero of memories of passionate romance.

Vanessa Paradis: biography, best songs, interesting facts.

Vanessa Paradis Fragile and tender, able to be restrained and relaxed, equally convincing in the role of a meek angel and defiant seducer, the French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis is the idol of millions of people around the world. Literally flinging to the top of the world charts at the age of 14, she happily escaped the unenviable fate of becoming the "star of one song."

Edith Piaf: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Edith Piaf The name Edith Piaf is widely known in his native country and beyond. It is inscribed in golden letters in the history of world music. A woman with a difficult fate was able to become the idol of millions, giving on the stage all of herself without a trace. She went through the terrible moments of life, outlived her own child and beloved man, but did not despair and made a real feat during the war.

Lara Fabian: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Lara Fabian Lyrical soprano Lara Fabian conquered the whole world. Europe, America, Canada, Russia, China ... it's hard to name a place where you would not hear the strong, melodic and heartfelt voice of a French-speaking performer. But singing talent is not the only thing that her multimillion audience admires. Lara has an attractive appearance that resonates with her manner of performance.

Joe Dassin: biography, best songs, interesting facts

Joe Dassin Joe Dassin is one of those artists who surprises with the depth of his talent and natural charm. To see this, just watch the video from his speeches. The orchestra plays cheerful rhythms in the background, the hall awaits the idol. A blue-eyed brunette in an elegant white suit comes onto the scene.

Mylene Farmer: biography, best songs, interesting facts, video

Mylene Farmer Life - a series of events. We provoke the appearance of some ourselves, others completely lie in the grip of fate. Именно случайные события и встречи меняют привычный уклад жизни настолько, что захватывает дух. Так произошло с Милен Фармер. Юная девушка, даже не помышляющая о карьере поп-артистки, вдруг встречается взглядом с никому не известным режиссером Лораном Бутонна и попадает в мир музыки.