Examination of music and other subjects without problems

Music is one of the school subjects, which attaches children to the beautiful. It is known that not all students have good hearing, innate sense of rhythm. But if you wish, all these skills can be developed or improved. You should not condescendingly refer to this discipline, paying more attention to exact sciences and languages.

Tchaikovsky Crossword

Here, I have prepared a new crossword puzzle, this time a crossword puzzle on the subject of Tchaikovsky. See how you? In my opinion, I didn’t really succeed - it would go, if only I could get rid of the school and it was better to do it. In general, the questions are very good (and, by the way, not simple), but not enough of them: either the inspiration to rest at the resort has gone, or, conversely, the miniaturist’s genius is waking up in me.

Small solfeggio crossword

Greetings to you, dear friends! Today I offer you a small crossword puzzle on solfeggio (well, or on musical literacy, if you want). As my personal experience shows, composing the thematic crossword puzzles is a fascinating and useful thing, as it helps, and to have fun, and at the same time to improve your knowledge on the subject.

Musical Instruments Crossword

This Musical Instruments crossword is specially created as a model for those who were given a crossword of music on this or another topic. 20 words were taken as the basis for creating a crossword puzzle, among which the overwhelming majority are the names of the most diverse and equally well-known musical instruments.

Opera crossword

We continue a series of musical crosswords. As experience shows, the crossword of the music - a phenomenon quite popular. Someone entertains such images and develops erudition, but someone solves a problem with homework in music. Today for you a crossword on the opera. I remind you that in order to create any crossword puzzle it is convenient to use the Crossword Creator program.

Crossword on the life and work of Mozart

Good day, dear friends! I present a new musical crossword "The life and work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart". Mozart - the genius of music, lived quite a bit (1756-1791), only 35 years old, but all that he managed to do during his stay on Earth just shook the universe. You all must have heard the music of the 40th Symphony, Little Night Serenade and Turkish March.

Crossword on Russian folk musical instruments

So, friends! Here you have a new crossword puzzle, the theme is Russian folk musical instruments. As ordered! Only 20 questions - in general, their standard number. The coherence is average. Not to say that simple, not to say that difficult. There will be tips (in the form of pictures)! Almost all conceived words are the names of Russian folk instruments (except for one, that is, 19 out of 20).

Crossword "Life and Works of JS Bach"

I present a new musical crossword, it is dedicated to the topic "The Life and Work of JS Bach". It has 25 questions of average difficulty. Almost all the questions you can find answers in the encyclopedia or textbook on musical literature for the music school. To make it easier to solve (answers, as always given at the end) crossword on the topic of Bach, I will inform you a few facts in the topic.

Stable and unstable steps in different keys

In the music school, solfeggio is often given homework exercises to chase at steady levels. Exercise is simple, beautiful and very useful. Today, our task is to find out which sounds in the range are stable and which are unstable. As examples, you will be offered written tone scales of up to five characters, inclusive, in which stable and unstable sounds have already been noted.

If asked to write music at home!

From the letter: “My daughter goes to the third grade of music school: for the summer, according to solfege, we were asked to compose music. Could you tell me how we can help her?”. Well, let's try to suggest something! You do not need to be afraid of this task - you need to do it simply and correctly. It is best to write a song or a small play for the instrument on which we play.

If you set a home crossword for music

It happens that the school as a homework set to create a crossword puzzle for music. This, in general, is not a tricky business, nevertheless, this task can be solved even easier if you use a special program for crossword puzzles. In this article, I will show you as an example a simple musical crossword, and tell you how easily you can do the same.

How to do homework solfegio?

For some reason, many subjects solfegio seems too complicated, incomprehensible and confusing. A particular problem in such cases is the performance of the solfeggio homework. Why? Because at home, each of you students remains alone with a lesson, just not understanding how to act so that everything will probably work out.

Learning Piano Music: How to Help Yourself?

In life, anything can happen. Sometimes learning a piece of music seems like an incredible difficulty. The reasons here may be different - when laziness, when the fear of a large number of notes, and when something else is different. Just do not think that it is impossible to cope with a complex play, everything is not so scary.