The main secrets of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

In March, a piano was found in the city of Baden-Baden, which was supposedly played by V. Mozart. But the owner of the instrument did not even suspect that this famous composer had once played on it. The owner of the piano put the instrument up for auction on the Internet. After some days, a historian from the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg decided to contact him.

What do children learn in music school?

Any adult is interested to know what children do for 5-7 years at a music school, what they study and what results they achieve. The main subject in such a school is a specialty - it is an individual lesson in playing an instrument (piano, violin, flute, etc.). In a special class, students receive most of their practical skills - possession of an instrument, technical equipment, and confident reading of notes.

The highest paid singers of the world

The publication Forbes has published a list of pop stars of the planet who have received the highest annual income. This year, 26-year-old Taylor Swift took the first place in the Forbes rating among the richest pop artists of the world. For 2016, an American has earned $ 170 million. According to the same publication, the pop star owes such high fees to the 1989 tour.

Solfeggio and harmony: why study them?

From the proposed article, you will find out why some music students do not like solfeggio and harmony, why it is so important to love these teachings and study them regularly, and what results do those who prudently with patience and with humility approach to studying these disciplines. Many musicians admit that during their years they didn’t like theoretical disciplines, simply considering them superfluous, unnecessary subjects in the program.

Favorite dishes of composers: culinary symphonies ...

You never know where inspiration inspires you. In the autumn park, in the office or at the stove in the kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen. What is not a place for creativity? Did you know that the famous aria of Tancred Rossini wrote to the sound of boiling risotto? That is why its second name is “rice”. Yes, some of the great music makers were gourmets and loved to "conjure" in the kitchen.

A little bit about the bonds of Pythagoras and music.

Everyone has heard of Pythagoras and his theorem, but not everyone knows that it was a great sage who influenced ancient Greek and Roman culture, leaving an indelible mark on world history. Pythagoras was considered the first philosopher, he also made many discoveries in music, geometry and astronomy; also, he was invincible in fisticuffs.

Study in music school

Why not to miss the opportunity to study at a music school? Probably, each of us has acquaintances who once went to a music school and, for various reasons, dropped out of classes, without completing the course. Many of them sometimes express regrets about this: some musical skills in an unexpected way might be useful at work, someone looks at this as a missed opportunity for creative self-realization (although in fact you can start playing music and achieve success at any age) , well, all that sort of thing.

How to learn to understand classical music?

The compositions and musical etudes of classical composers are extraordinarily beautiful. They bring harmony into our lives, help to cope with problems and have a beneficial effect on the state of the body. This is the perfect music for relaxation, but at the same time, it replenishes our energy. In addition, joint listening to the melodies of famous composers with children will help to create the taste and aesthetic feelings of the younger generation.

9 most influential drummers

Increasingly, the beautiful half of humanity is trying itself out in men's pursuits, and girls drummers are no exception. At the beginning of the 20th century, women who tried to earn money playing musical instruments watched askance. Times change: now girls play jazz and metal, but until now the drums remain the exception, as the uninitiated believe that to play them they need male power.