Nina Simon: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Nina Simon This legendary woman performed as a composer, pianist and arranger. But most of all the audience remembered her as a singer. Devoted fans even gave her the unusual nickname “priestess of soul,” it was in this status that she fell in love and remembered them. Short biography In the state of North Carolina in the town of Tryon, February 21, 1933, Eunice Kathleen Wymon was born (this is the real name of the singer).

Charlie Parker: biography, best songs, interesting facts

Charlie Parker An unsurpassed performer, Charlie Parker is not just a cult musician. He was one of the pioneers of a completely new musical direction - bebop. As he himself said: "Bebop has nothing to do with jazz, it is anything but jazz. There is no swing in it". Nevertheless, Parker's jazz musical merit should not be underestimated, because his teachers were famous jazzmen, from whom he adopted the style of the game, some performing techniques and a sense of style.

Ray Charles: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Ray Charles Ray Charles never wanted to be famous. In his opinion, fame is like a headache. But he always wanted to be great. And he became one. Frank Sinatra spoke of Charles as a genius. Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Mig Jagger and other popular performers considered him a teacher whose songs determined their musical career.

Glenn Millerg: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Glenn Miller A man with iron discipline and willpower, while incredibly musically gifted - in these words, the whole Glenn Miller. Leaving an inexhaustible legacy behind him, he entered his name in golden letters in the list of people who turned the world of jazz music over. The performer and conductor, the unsurpassed organizer and arranger, actor and director - Miller was a bright star that burned in the sky all the time allotted to her.

Frank Sinatra: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Frank Sinatra Francis Albert Sinatra - American singer, actor, director and showman. It is considered one of the most influential and popular artists of the 20th century. In total, sold more than 150 million records with songs performed by the singer. Being a real icon of popular music of that time, mainly in America, he was eleven times declared the winner of the Grammy music award.

Bee King: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Би Би Кинг "Король блюза" - этот неофициальный титул принадлежит выдающемуся гитаристу, одаренному певцу и музыканту, внесшему неоценимый вклад в развитие электрического блюза и создавшему свой уникальный музыкальный стиль - легендарному Би Би Кингу. Many musicians, admiring his manner of playing the guitar, which was based on smooth bending and "shimmering vibrato", continually introduce famous King's musical phrases into their compositions.

Billie Holiday: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Billie Holiday Lady Gardenia .... Such a beautiful poetic and gentle name was called by enthusiastic fans of their idol - the legendary jazz and blues singer Billie Holiday. The romantic beauty, traditionally stepping on the stage with a clip of white flowers, already fascinated the listeners with the first sounds of her songs, as if she had a hypnotic effect on them.

Benny Goodman: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Benny Goodman "King of Swing" and "Patriarch Clarinet" - such titles are not just awarded, and Benny Goodman - a brilliant performer, composer, actor and even a writer, wore them by right. The history of jazz knows many brilliant musicians who have made a significant contribution to the development of this area of ​​music, but Goodman was a particularly outstanding person - a key figure, whose role is very difficult to overestimate in the prosperity of this type of music.

Bobby McFerrin: biography, best songs, interesting facts

Bobby McFerrin Musical guru, the genius of improvisation .... What kind of epithets did not award the famous Bobby McFerrin - a musician, whose work shakes with its versatility. He can rightly be called a "man-orchestra": masterfully possessing an amazing four-octave gutta-percha voice and possessing the gift of imitation, MacFerrin can portray anything: the roar of the engine, baby talk, vibraphone, flute or duduk.

Duke Ellington: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Duke Ellington Undoubtedly, it would not be an exaggeration to say that if there was no Duke Ellington in jazz music of the 20th century, her fate could have been completely different. His strong-willed character and indestructible belief in his own uniqueness were so strong that Ellington was raised to the very top, from where he looked down on other performers.