Letter designation notes

The letter designation of notes historically arose earlier than writing them on rulers; and now the musicians record notes with letters, only now with the help of letter notation you can fix not only sounds, but also entire musical systems - chords, tones, and frets. Initially, the Greek alphabet was used to write notes, and later they began to write notes in Latin letters.

What types of music are there?

What types of music are there? Music has been accompanying humanity for a whole eternity, and has long been an integral part of life. Can you imagine how much music has experienced with a person? The first rites of worship of numerous gods were accompanied by chants and dances. With the help of specific tunes, shamans entered into a trance and contacted the spirit world.

What is solfeggio?

What is solfeggio? In a broad sense, solfeggio is singing on notes, singing with naming of notes. By the way, the word solfeggio itself is formed by adding the names of the notes salt and fa, that is why this word sounds so musical. In a narrower sense, solfege is an academic discipline that is studied in music schools, colleges, colleges and conservatories.

Alteration Signs (about sharp, flat, baker)

In this article we will continue the conversation about musical notation - we will study the alteration signs. What is alteration? Alteration is a change in the main steps of the scale (the main steps are up to Remi-fa-la-la-c). What exactly is changing? Their height and name are changing. A sharp is an increase in sound by a half tone, a flat is a decrease by half a tone.

What styles are there in modern music?

Truly talented and brilliant musicians never adhere to a specific framework of any genre of music or style. Moreover, due to the rapid development of styles of modern mass music, these frames have no clearly defined borders. But still, people engaged in music professionally, and just music fans need to understand the diversity of musical styles, especially if they are dealing with the modern music industry.

What operas did Tchaikovsky write?

If you ask random people about what operas Tchaikovsky wrote, many will call you "Eugene Onegin", perhaps they will even give something to drink from there. Some will remember "The Queen of Spades" ("Three cards, three cards !!"), and perhaps the opera "Chereshchiki" (the author himself conducted, and therefore was remembered).

What are the styles of music?

What are the styles of music? Musical style is a capacious and multifaceted concept. It can be defined as a figurative unity, a set of means of expressing artistic and ideological content using the language of music. The concept of the style of music is so broad that it’s very specific that it suggests itself: this term refers both to different eras, genres, trends and schools, as well as to individual composers and even performers.

Types of musical ear: what's what?

An ear for music is an opportunity for the mind to distinguish sounds by their color, pitch, volume and duration. The musical ear, in general, as well as the sense of rhythm, can be developed, and there are many types of hearing (more precisely, its faces, sides) and each is more or less important in its own way. Sounds of musical and non-musical Sounds in the world around us are just a sea, but musical sound is not just any sound.

How to memorize key characters in keys

This article will discuss how to remember the keys and their key characters. Everyone remembers differently: some try to memorize the number of signs, others try to memorize the names of keys with their key signs, and still others come up with something else. In fact, everything is much simpler and you need to remember only two things, the rest will be remembered automatically.

Electronic keyboards: characteristics, types

String and wind instruments - the most ancient on our planet. But the piano or the piano also belong to the strings, but the organ to the winds, although they cannot be called ancient (except the organ, since it is believed that it was invented by the Greek even before our era). The fact is that the first piano appeared only at the beginning of the XVIII century.

Great composers of classical music

Any of the composers who will be discussed in this article can easily be called the greatest composer of classical music that ever existed. Although it is impossible to compare music created over several centuries, all these composers stand out very clearly against the background of their contemporaries.

Note for music beginners

Those who decide to learn at least something serious in music cannot avoid acquaintance with various musical scores. From this article you will learn how to learn to read notes without memorizing them, but only by understanding the logical principles on which musical notation is based. What is included in the concept of musical notation? This is all that relates, in one way or another, to writing and reading notes; This is a kind of language that is understandable to all musicians in Europe and America.

What are the piano keys called

In this article we will get acquainted with the keyboard of the piano and other keyboard musical instruments. You will learn how piano keys are called, what an octave is and how to play sharp or flat. As you know, the number of keys on the piano is 88 (52 white and 36 black), and they are arranged in a certain order.