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About jazz Link Jazz in cinema Link Performances and musicals Link Jazz performers Link Jazz delights and captivates from the first bars, and all this happens in a light, inherent only to him manner, it is no accident that he belongs to elite art. This is a huge paradox, because it did not appear in the circles of the aristocracy.

Classical music

Symphonic Link Ballet Link Opera Link Chamber Music Link Music Box Link Myths and Legends Link Cantata, Oratorio, Mass Link Great composers Link Ancient musical instruments Link Ancient music from the inside Link Renaissance Theater and Baroque Link Frequently only one mention of classical music causes in thoughts many people are images of serious musicians with boring faces, dressed in strict tuxedos and playing something very long and boring.

Opera singers

Veronika Dumpe soprano Honored Artist of Russia. Soloist of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater Valeria Zaitseva soprano Laureate of international competitions Soloist of the Moscow Academic Musical Theater named after KS Stanislavsky and V.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko Irina Letskaya soprano Laureate of international competitions Larisa Andreeva mezzo-soprano Soloist of the Moscow Academic Musical Theater named after K.

Music for children - performances, cartoons, games, lessons

Music from the cartoon Link Children's performances Link musical games Link music lessons Link young talents Link Musical education of children Link Especially for the guests of our site, we prepared this unique section, which collected all the most valuable and useful for children and their parents. "Music from cartoons" will surely be to the taste of our youngest visitors.

When is it better to start learning music?

The musician is one of those professions in which, in order to achieve success, it is necessary to begin training in the very childhood. Almost all famous musicians began their studies for another 5-6 years. The fact is that in early childhood, the child is the most susceptible. He directly absorbs everything like a sponge.

Intense cultural life

Today it has become fashionable to send their children to study abroad, including music. Czech educational institutions are very much appreciated. So you can learn the culture of the country, and study subjects from different fields. It's amazing how a boy from a small town in Germany, David Garrett, could become a real star and a winner of many awards!

What is computer music?

Computer music appeared relatively recently, since computers appeared. And, as a term, it was used by professional specialists to designate in the field of engineering developments one way or another connected with sound, digital sound processing, and digital sound synthesizer. Nowadays, the term "Computer Music" is used by everyone.

How to come up with the name of the group that will bring success?

The name of the group for many leaves from the musical group the first impression, which remains forever. The sonorous and easy-to-remember name will allow you to immediately stand out among numerous groups and facilitate the team’s advancement to the top of Olympus. There are some tried and tested ways to come up with a “selling” name for an ensemble.

Music and Rhetoric: Speech and Sounds

The influence of oratory art on music is rhetoric, typical of the Baroque era (XVI - XVIII centuries). In these times, there is even a teaching about musical rhetoric, which presents music as a direct analogy to the art of eloquence. Musical rhetoric Three tasks expressed by rhetoric in antiquity - to persuade, delight, and excite - are resurrected in the art of baroque and become the main organizing force of the creative process.

How to name a music band?

The name is the "face" of the group. A successful name is capable of attracting the attention of a person to a team whose work for him remained hitherto unknown. Therefore, choosing a name for a young group is a very crucial step that can be decisive on its way to the heights of the music industry. There are several general criteria-recommendations that should be followed in the question “how to name a musical group”.

How to promote a music band? Only 7 steps to success

Many young musicians, having created a group, face the fact that they cannot find their audience because they do not know what steps to take for promotion. Today, we will lead a conversation about how to unleash a musical group and what actions will help to become popular. The order of the promotion of the musical group Creating the image of the group.

Musical arrangement of the holiday

Musical arrangement of the holiday. Any festive event can not do without professional music, which is an essential component of a mass event. Dances, games and funny toasts do not pass without a good song or recording. It is very important to choose the right composition, which are designed to cheer up the guests and "heroes of the occasion."

Live music: when inspiration and soul feast come

Live music: when inspiration and soul feast come. Why are we increasingly talking about live music today? Is it becoming modern, fashionable, in demand again? Many well-known variety performers often invite a symphony orchestra to their performances. Live music is heard at home parties and corporate events.

Theme of Christmas in classical music

Christmas is one of the most beloved and long-awaited holidays for Christians around the world. In our country, Christmas was not celebrated for such a long time that people used to think that the New Year meeting was more significant. But time puts everything in its place - the country of the Soviets did not last even a century, and since the birth of Christ the third millennium has already passed.

How did this site appear

Dear readers, on the page "About the site" you can read about the goals that guided me when I decided to create this site. You see that the site is actively developing - new useful materials and informational articles are being laid out, and many of them are original. Indeed, some information has not yet been on the Internet, but now it is available to any reader, and you can find it on my website under the headings "Materials for study", "Trainings" and on other pages.

How to develop a sense of rhythm of the child and the adult?

Rhythms accompany us everywhere. It is difficult to imagine an area wherever a person comes across a rhythm. Scientists have long proved that even in the womb of the mother the rhythm of her heart calms and lulls the child. So, when does a person start feeling the rhythm? It turns out, even before the birth! If the development of a sense of rhythm was considered from the point of view of the development of a feeling that a person was always endowed with, then people would have much less complexes and theories of their “rhythmic” insolvency.

How to create a music band?

Creating a musical group is a complex and serious process. Let's talk about how to create a musical group, and let's look in detail. So where do you start? And it all starts with the definition of the concept of the future team. You need to decide on the tasks of the future team by answering yourself some supporting questions.

Musical intervals for fans of skanvordov

This article is a bit unusual. It is intended for those whose hobby is a crossword puzzle and a crossword puzzle, but, in general, it will be useful for novice musicians as well. Here will be given the names of musical intervals. Just in case (if anyone is interested) I will say that the interval in music is a combination of two sounds that are played (well, or sung) at the same time or alternately.