Best Dad Songs

The best songs about dad Dad, just like mom, is a very important, close and dear person in the life of everyone. He, as the Guardian Angel, will come to the rescue in a difficult moment and will give the necessary advice. Dad gives all the warmth of his soul, when he meets his heart blooms like a flower, the clouds dissipate, and the sky again becomes clear and azure.

The best songs about mom

Best songs about mom Mom! Such a simple, gentle and at the same time wonderful word is holy for each of us. We love our mothers, but we get used to their care and sometimes take it for granted, forgetting to thank, although they also need care and affection. If you just call without a reason or visit your mother to tell her a couple of warm and gentle words, I assure you, there will be no joy.

Christmas music: popular songs, interesting facts and holiday history

New Year's music: popular songs, interesting facts and history of the New Year holiday - a holiday of magic that impatiently await not only children, but also adults. These days, everyone is really starting to believe in miracles, dream of good things and wait for something amazing. Suddenly a beautiful fairy will fly in, wave her magic wand and paint everything with multi-colored paints, from which the world will become better and kinder.