Clapper Sense of rhythm is an integral part of the musical ear, so it must be developed from a young age. The music game "The Slapstick" develops this feeling, but it requires a high concentration of attention from children, therefore, it is more suitable for primary school students than for the preparatory group of the kindergarten.

The music of wind

"Music of the wind" It is very important to teach your child to concentrate attention, this will help him to better absorb new material, and this applies not only to music lessons. A simple game that helps children develop attention, learns to respond quickly to commands and activates auditory, visual and tactile sensations will come to the rescue.

Happy march

"Merry march" The main task of this activity is to develop attentiveness, to teach the child to listen to the leader, and most importantly, to hear and memorize what he heard. This exercise brings a sense of metro rhythm and teaches to respond quickly to a speech signal. The musical task is to acquaint participants with the genre of the march.

Children's orchestra

Interactive game "Children's Orchestra" The presenter will have a little preparatory work: you need to pick up a rather cheerful composition, which is performed by several instruments with the presence of solo of certain groups and come up with simple dance movements. Fun is designed for kindergarten preparatory group or for elementary school students.

Musical rebus

The game "Musical Rebus" The purpose of the game: this exercise teaches to focus the attention of the child, helps to develop phonemic and harmonic hearing, as well as learn to listen attentively to speech and music and to remember what is heard. One more plus of such occupation is that it helps to develop diction. Singing in the choir is also an important stage in the formation of musical abilities that should not be overlooked.

Cheerful waltz

"Merry Waltz" The goal of the game: the development of attention and metro rhythm. Teach your child to accurately reproduce the heard rhythm. In a game form, develop a rhythmic ear and get acquainted with the three-part size, using the example of a waltz. In addition, working in a team and playing together on a simple musical instrument favorably affects the development of the child.

Music with mom

Music with mom: playing at home Music games are a great and very useful way to spend your time at home. We offer you a curious game for the development of musical hearing in children - "How the rainbow sounds." It is intended for children aged 5-7 years. This game will help teach the child to distinguish sounds in height, as well as work out his memory well.

Noise band

Master Class "Noise Orchestra" The purpose: to learn and practically to consolidate new concepts on noise and musical sounds. Preparatory work: the presenter must pre-select the necessary material for the manufacture of tools, it may be small empty jars from food (tea, coffee, yogurt), containers from kinder surprises and shoe covers.

Musical instruments for the smallest

"Musical instruments for the smallest" Such simple games can be conducted independently at home even with the smallest ones. Kids are actively involved in the creative process with their mother. The goal of the game: such classes with improvised musical instruments develop a child's ear, sense of rhythm, and also at such a young age they form a musical taste and learn to perceive different music correctly.

Homemade workshops on the manufacture of percussion instruments

Homemade master classes for the manufacture of percussion instruments. Drum. You can make a real drum or even a whole installation with your child from items that are most often just thrown away. It will be necessary: ​​Banks from under coffee or canned food, the more there will be a metal basis, the better; a burst air balloon, food film, or plastic lid that fits in diameter; long pencils, tassels, or pens; Scotch tape or sturdy gum.

Magical flute

Game Master Class "Magic Flute" Part One: Interactive game "Music of the Wind" It will take: empty bottles, water. Preparatory work: you should “set up your requisite” - before the beginning of the lesson, fill the container with water to a different level, thus finding notes on which you can play a simple melody with the children, make marks with a marker.

Musical wedding competitions

It is impossible to imagine any wedding celebration without a variety of games and music competitions. All of them are positively met by guests of different ages. From all this innumerable amounts, we can distinguish two main categories: table competitions and active. Table contests are used to cheer up the guests and put them in a gambling state.

Music games

Interactive game "Children's Orchestra" Link Game Workshop "Magic Flute" Link Children's game "Treble Clef" Link Music with mom playing at home Link Workshop "Noise Orchestra" Link Merry march Link Wind music Link Musical rebus Link Musical instruments for the most Little Link Cheerful Waltz Link Homemade master classes in the manufacture of percussion instruments Link Children's game Clapper Link The correct approach to the education of the child helps him to develop creatively, forms him as a harmonious personality.

Treble clef

Children's game "Treble clef" Purpose: To acquaint children with the stave. You will need: Cardboard box, small cardboard cards, piano, xylophone (preferably several), a musical staff drawn on the board or a long strip of paper. A little more about chip cards: each chip is painted in one color that matches the color of one of the xylophone plates.

Funny music games for adults - the highlight of the holiday for any company!

Music always and everywhere accompanies us, reflecting our mood, like no other art form. Few among the people there are those who do not sing at least mentally favorite tunes. It is impossible to imagine a holiday without music. Of course, contests that require encyclopedic knowledge and musical education are not suitable for an ordinary company of having fun friends, relatives, and colleagues: why embarrass someone?

Musical competitions for the new year

The most anticipated and large-scale holiday is definitely the new year. A joyful anticipation of the celebration comes much earlier because of the preparations that begin long before the holiday itself. For a great celebration of the new year, it is not enough just to have a smartly prepared table, a gorgeous outfit and all sorts of New Year decorations for the room headed by a Christmas tree.