Folklore genres in classical music

For professional composers, folk music has always been a source of creative inspiration. Folklore genres are abundantly cited in the academic music of all times and peoples, the stylization of folk songs, tunes, dances is a favorite artistic device of classical composers. A diamond cut into a diamond The folklore genres in the music of Russian classical composers are perceived as its natural and integral part, as its wealth.

Basic chamber music concepts

Modern chamber music almost always consists of a three-part or four-part sonata cycle. To date, the basis of the chamber-instrumental repertoire are the compositions of the classics: quartets and string trio of Mozart and Haydn, string quintets of Mozart and Boccherini and, of course, the quartets of Beethoven and Schubert.

Three whales in music

The song, the march, the dance is very firmly established and settled in our life, sometimes it is even impossible to notice and even more so to associate with art. For example, a company of soldiers is marching with a march, naturally they are not engaged in art, but it entered their life in the form of a march, without which they can no longer exist.