The influence of classical music on a person

Scientists have long proved that the influence of classical music on a person is not a myth, but a well-founded fact. Today, there are many treatments based on music therapy. Experts studying the influence of classical music on a person came to the conclusion that listening to classical works contributes to the speedy recovery of patients.

Musical catharsis: how does a person experience music?

I remembered a curious episode: my colleague was to perform advanced training courses for school teachers. Teachers ordered a more than specific theme - the algorithm of musical influence on the listener. I do not know how she, poor, got out! After all, what kind of algorithm is there - a continuous “stream of consciousness”!

My experience of playing in the orchestra: the story of a musician

Probably, if someone told me 20 years ago that I would work in a professional orchestra, I would not have believed it. In those years, I studied at the music school in flute class, and now I understand that it is very mediocre, although then, compared to other students, it was pretty good. After graduating from music school, I strongly tied with music.

Crying bride: the girl is not crying? Ungrateful!

Wedding, without a doubt, one of the most exciting moments in the life of any girl. Today it is a joyful event, filled with a mass of diverse traditions, however, the meaning of almost all these rites has been forgotten. Many people know that in the old days the bride wept at the wedding, but why? Let's start with the end What was waiting for the girl after the wedding?

Graduation Music

You can find the best collections of songs for the prom in our group in contact, and now we offer to discuss some general things concerning the drama of the holiday. We begin, first of all, with the fact that ... Graduation party or evening is a very important and exciting moment in the life of every student. This is the day when boys and girls enter adult life and say goodbye to their school years, which gave them a lot of different experiences and emotions.

Waltz prom music

No graduation party can do without circling couples in an elegant waltz, waltz music for a graduation party is a very important component of this whole event. Despite the fact that in the XXI century a lot of new modern dances appeared, the waltz still remains the leading among graduates.

What did the music school give me? Confession of a martyr ...

I remember once my mother took out of the kindergarten and took me to a music school. I didn’t like my accordion teacher terribly, and we’re almost gone. However, my mother insisted, and for eight years I attended a music school. Only now, when the years have passed since the release, do you wonder: what did the years you spent with a musical instrument give you?

Interesting music facts

A lot of interesting things are connected with music. This is not only amazingly beautiful works, a variety of musical instruments, playing methods, but also interesting facts about music. You will learn about some of them in this article. Fact number 1 "Cat harpsichord." In the Middle Ages, it turns out, not only people recognized by Pope as heretics, but even cats were subject to inquisitions!

The genres of musical folklore: what is it and what are they?

The genres of musical folklore are the main types of musical works created by unknown authors and saved by the people for many generations with the help of an oral transmission from one person to another. We will talk about these views today, but first we will bring some clarity to the concepts of "folklore" and "genre" so that no one is confused.

Where to play the piano?

One of the vivid memories of my childhood is entering a music school. Rather, I don’t remember the moment of admission; after my face, the examiners erased the prescription of the teacher;

The best author's songs: from history

Today, a lot of highbrow aesthetes have divorced who, barely having heard the singing with a guitar, will frown disgustingly and displeasedly: they say, fi, some author's song! And they do not really know how to play, there is no voice, and texts are primitive with rhymes like "fires-mosquitoes". They have no idea that just a few decades ago, it was the author's song that kept a part of the Soviet intelligentsia from complete moral degradation.

Types of musical creativity

To be creative means to create something, to create something. In music for creativity, vast spaces are open. Types of musical creativity are diverse, primarily because the music is closely intertwined with human life, coupled with all its manifestations and creative veins. In general, in literature, usually, types of musical (and not only musical) creativity imply: professional, folk and amateur creativity.