Jonas Blue: biography, best songs, interesting facts

Jonas Blue (Jonas Blue) This young and promising musician except as a hit-maker can not be called. Possessing unlimited talent, he, like a hurricane wind, burst onto the stage and with lightning speed climbed to the very top of the creative Olympus. His name is Jonas Blue. An ingenious DJ, an enterprising producer, and, most importantly, a skillful creator of excellent infectious musical compositions, which instantly become popular, occupying the highest lines of the charts.

Jax Jones (Jacks Jones): biography, best songs, interesting facts

Jax Jones (Jacks Jones) English DJ Jax Jones conquered the world community with his extraordinary approach to creating music mixes. Playing club house, performing rap, he manages to give a melody so that the sound produces light notes of pop songs, which gives a special drive to all the music, which successfully occupies the highest lines in the English and world charts.

Music of britain

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CamelPhat: band history, best songs, interesting facts

CamelPhat The English duo CamelPhat has been making fans of electronic music together for ten years. Dynamic melodies, unusual arrangements, numerous awards and prizes in the music charts of England, Belgium and the USA - all this once again proves that the meeting of two talented DJs Mike di Scala and Dave Whelan was not accidental.

Ellie Goulding (Ellie Goulding): biography, best songs, interesting facts

Ellie Goulding (Ellie Goulding) Who is this girl? Actress, singer, composer; she wrote soundtracks for such works: "Fifty shades of freedom", "Love lives three years", "Milkworms", "Kick-Ass", etc .; her singles take the first places in the world charts, and critics of the BRIT Awards give her the victory. But behind all the glory there is a long journey in which there is everything: the departure of the father, a terrible stepfather, life in a poor family on the outskirts of Herefordshire.

Adele (Adele): biography, videos, interesting facts, listen

Adele (Adele) Bright and extraordinary Adele literally blew up the music world. Voice, songs, appearance and style of communication. This Englishwoman showed that the success and love of the fans do not depend on the slim figure and the artist's flashy sexuality. She just sings. He sings in such a way that he collects huge stadiums, enjoys great popularity, falls into the list of the most influential people, according to Time, and wins countless Grammy.

Elton John: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Elton John Elton John recorded his first song back in 1965. Since then, a little more than half a century has passed. During this period, the talented musician released 30 studio albums, pleased the audience with 130 singles, won numerous awards and received worldwide recognition. A shocking, bright and extravagant artist known in almost any country.

Robbie Williams: biography, best songs, interesting facts, listen

Robbie Williams Becoming famous is what Robbie Williams always wanted. And he managed to fulfill his dream. Even if you have never come into contact with the work of this British musician, you have undoubtedly heard about his scandalous behavior. This boy is a bad guy who can shock the public. He knows how to charge a huge crowd with his energy and a unique sense of humor.