Work on the technique of piano playing - for speed

The technique of playing the piano is a combination of skills, abilities and techniques, with the help of which an expressive artistic sound is achieved. Masterly possession of the instrument is not just a technically competent performance of the work, but also the observance of its stylistic features, character, tempo.

How to play the violin: basic techniques of the game

New post on how to play the violin. You have already met the device of the violin and its acoustic features, and today the focus is on the technique of playing the violin. The violin is rightly considered the queen of music. The instrument has a beautiful subtle shape and a delicate velvet tone. In eastern countries, a person who can play the violin well is considered to be god.

Riddles of musical text and creative performers

Throughout the history of performance, some musicians trusted their intuition and creatively played with the ideas of the composer, other performers carefully followed all the author's instructions. Undoubtedly, in all one thing - it is impossible to break the tradition of literate reading of the author's musical text. The performer is free to find timbre delights at will, slightly adjust the tempo and level of dynamic nuances, preserve the individual touch, but changing and independently arranging semantic accents in the melody is no longer an interpretation, it is a co-author!

How to overcome technical difficulties in playing the piano? Useful for students of music schools and colleges

It happens that insufficient technical training does not allow the pianist to play what he wants. Therefore, it is necessary to do exercises for the development of technology every day, at least for half an hour. Only then everything complicated is resolved and it turns out, and technical freedom arises, allowing one to forget about the difficulties and fully surrender to the embodiment of the musical image.