Teaching children to play the piano: what to do in the first lessons?

Teaching children to the piano is a systematic process, the initial stage of which is divided into two periods: donor and musical. What to do in the first lessons? How to introduce a little musician into the secrets of the music world? The first lessons of teaching children to play the piano are based on acquaintance with a musical instrument, its keyboard and the name of the notes, on comprehending the expressive possibilities of music.

How to enroll in music school: information for parents

Music lessons (in any form) help children develop not only hearing and rhythm, but also memory, attention, coordination, intelligence, perseverance and much more. How to enroll in a music school that this will require - read below. At what age are they taking to music school? Children from the age of 6 are usually admitted to the budget department, from 5 years to the "cost accounting".

Eternal controversy: how old to start teaching a child music?

The debate about the age at which one can begin to learn music has been going on for a long time, but by and large a definite truth has not been born in these disputes. The supporters of early (and also very early) development are also right - after all, a small child absorbs any available information like a sponge, laying a powerful foundation for further development.

How to enroll in music school?

In today's post we will talk about how to enroll in a music school. Let's say you finish school and intend to get some good education. Should I go to music school? I recommend to think about it seriously, since you have to spend four years in the school.

Entrance exams to a music college or college

So the graduation parties died down, for each former schoolchildren it was a hot time - you need to decide what to do next. I decided to write about the entrance exams to the music school, so to speak, to share my impressions. Suddenly, someone needs to read before entering something like that to calm them down.