Periodization of musical culture

Periodization of musical culture is a complex issue that can be viewed from different positions depending on the selected criteria. But the most important factors in the transformation of music are the forms and conditions in which it functions. From this point of view, the periodization of musical culture is as follows: Enjoying natural sounds (music in nature).

Sigmund Freud on the nature of artistic creation

When a person cannot do something in life, he does it in a dream. Sleep is the personification of our unfulfilled desires. The artist is like a sleeping person. Only he fulfills his desires in reality, recreating them in his works. When Freud wrote about the nature of artistic creativity, he paid special attention to studying the personality of the artist.

Psychological portrait of a modern composer

Throughout all ages, music has inspired people and revealed amazing feelings of love, hate, despair, joy. The melody is able to convey the most sublime feelings, show human mistakes, learn about secret desires. Thanks to modern music psychology, experts say that they can easily talk about the temperament of the listener and even reveal his psychological problems.

Music Psychology: The Impact of Music on Man

Most likely, in former Soviet years, I would have to start an article on a similar topic with V.Lenin’s classical statement about the music of the German composer L.van Beethoven, which the leader of the world proletariat called "divine" and "inhuman." The orthodox communists willingly quote the first part of Lenin's statement that music awakens sentimentality in him, that one wants to cry, stroke children on the heads, and speak cute nonsense.