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The musical "Les Miserables": content, video, interesting facts, history

The musical "Les Miserables" The first French musical, which became world-famous not in the original language, but in English. Sometimes it is not enough to create a talented work, it is also necessary to properly present it to the public. "Les Miserables" got a chance to become the most long-playing musical in history thanks to British producer Cameron McIntosh.

The musical "Mamma Mia!": Content, video, interesting facts, history

The musical "Mamma Mia!" 80s of the last century. At the peak of popularity is the Swedish group ABBA. The songs of the band are a real musical breakthrough. Incredibly honest and sincere - they had a special sound. Theatricality of the poems allowed to create a real performance. The musical "Mamma Mia" became one of the cult performances that turned the view of POP culture.

The musical "My Fair Lady": content, interesting facts, videos, history

The musical "My Fair Lady" The musical "My Fair Lady" by Frederick Lowe and Alan Jay Lerner is a romantic story about the transformation of a simple flower girl into a refined and elegant lady who won the hearts of many viewers around the world. The uniqueness of the musical lies in the combination of various musical material: from sentimental waltz to Spanish Spanish music.

The musical "The Sound of Music": content, video, interesting facts, history

The musical "The Sounds of Music" The story of an Austrian family, closely related to music, went from book to film, after which they developed a script for the play, which returned to the television screens in the form of the famous and popular musical "The Sound of Music", which conquered everyone without exception. Characters Description Maria Augusta Rainer novice abbey, tried on a new role governess Captain Georg von Trapp widower, brave officer Mother Superior wise woman, helping Maria make the right decision Elsa Schroeder bride widowed captain Max Detweiler music producer impresario Summary Outline Maria was sent to the family of captain von Trapp.

The musical "Cats": content, video, interesting facts, history

Musical "Cats" by E. Lloyd Webber In the XX century, it was difficult to surprise the listener with something, but not with Andrew Lloyd Webber. The musical "Cats" has become a truly permanent work on many theater stages. This sincere and naive production has won the hearts of viewers around the world. The brilliance of the show, the irregular plot and amazing music, this is what makes a person fall in love with "Cats".

What is a musical, the history of the musical

What is a musical, the history of the musical The musical theater as a special form of art was formed by mixing several directions of creativity. Musicals are able to tell a classic story in a completely new way, more piercing and deep, and make the author's modern play popular at one moment.

The musical "Phantom of the Opera": content, interesting facts, videos, history

The musical "The Phantom of the Opera" To create the most box office performance of the 20th century by its author, Andrew Lloyd Webber, pushed love - he had to write a stunning piece for his bride, Sarah Brightman. No wonder that this performance was “The Phantom of the Opera” - the story of the all-consuming passion of the ugly outcast to the young singer in the romantic scenery of the 19th century Paris theater.

Musical "Cabaret": content, video, interesting facts, history

Musical "Cabaret" "Welcome to the Cabaret!" - for a phrase that starts and ends a legendary musical performance, is worth more than a solemn invitation to immerse yourself in the history of one cereal institution. Behind simple words there is a proposal to plunge into the world, unsustainably balancing on the verge of a moral apocalypse, which Germany was in the 1930s.