The Legend of Flute and Love

The Legend of Flute and Love This legend tells about the traditions of the Indian people of the Lakota tribe. Their young men were excellent and fearless warriors who, without the slightest hesitation, could have attacked the enemy or the enraged beast. However, they were incredibly shy and often could not approach the girl and express feelings.

Kazakh legend of music

Kazakh legend about music Once upon a time, a cruel Khan lived on Kazakh soil, sparing no one. Only for one person did he have true love - for his son, who could not imagine his life without hunting. The ruler did not like the dangerous hobby of the heir. Every time he went into the forest, he would dissuade him as best he could.

Flute Appearance Myth

The myth of the appearance of the flute When Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, learned of the love relationship between Poseidon and the sea maiden Medusa, she turned the latter into a monster with a shock of snakes on her head. The Medusa's sister was not without punishment. Experiencing the wrath of the goddess had Spheno and Euryale. But simple punishment was not enough for Athena.

Violin master legend

The legend of the violin maker The events of the ancient legend unfolded in the Italian town of Cremona. Once, a wizard was walking along the main street. In those days, it was often possible to meet fairy tale characters in any city. While admiring the lovely, busy streets, he suddenly heard the enchanting sounds of a violin and decided to see who was playing it.

Devil's trill

Devil's trill Many people in dreams were great discoveries. Dante dreamed "The Divine Comedy, D. Mendeleev saw his table in a dream, A. Griboedov was given a plot at night" Woe from Wit " Tartini.

Charango Legend

The legend of the creation of the charango Charango is the national musical instrument of the Indians of Latin America. It is now made of a solid piece of wood, and earlier the armor of an armadillo served as a body-resonator. And that's why. A long time ago, an old battleship named Kirkincho dwelt in the mountains of Bolivia.

Flute pan

Pan flute An ancient Greek legend about a single instrument, a type of flute - syrinx, representing several reed tubes joined together, has reached our days. His more common name is Pan's flute. In those days, Syrinx - it was the name of the most beautiful girl in the city.

The Legend of the Piper from Kayla

The legend of the bagpiper from Kayla On the Kintyre peninsula in Scotland there is a legend about the bagpiper Alesdere, about his courage and talent. He knew how to play the bagpipes like no other. After work, Alesder entertained his neighbors with dance melodies that made others start dancing, and if he began to play old songs, the people around him listened fascinated.

Myths and legends

The Legend of the Violin Master Link Flute Pana Link The Legend of Flute and Love Link The Legend of the Origin of Music Link The Devil's Trill Link The Legend of Fife Link The Kazakh Legend of Music Link The Legend of Orpheus and Eurydice Link The Myth of the Appearance of Flute Link The Legend of Piper from Kayla Link Link of creating charango Link The indisputable great importance that music has for man since ancient times was an obligatory attribute of rituals and rituals, with the help of her gentlemen confessed their ladies to their feelings, finally, even in battle the army acted musical instrument.

Legend of the origin of music

Legend of the origin of music From the depths of distant centuries came to us the Kazakh folk legend about the origin of music. Once upon a time, in time immemorial, not one of the peoples inhabiting our blue planet knew what verse and music are. And what is life without folding speech and flowing sounds?

The legend of the pipe

The legend of the pipe Once the Young Breeze, frolicking over the mountains, noticed a small tree growing on one of the cliffs. Its branches were completely covered with a boil of large snow-white flowers, exuding a refined intoxicating scent. Wind had never met such trees before, and therefore immediately rushed towards it.

The Legend of Orpheus and Eurydice

The Legend of Orpheus and Eurydice The beautiful love story of the ancient Greek youth Orpheus, the son of the god Apollo, and the beautiful nymph Eurydice still arouses trepidation in the hearts of people. Legend has it that Orpheus had a special talent. He perfectly mastered the game of lyre, and his works made the stones move towards the sound of charming melodies.