Zivert (Julia Sievert): biography, best songs, interesting facts

Zivert (Julia Sievert) A charming girl with a bright appearance, emphasized by a refined sense of style and a memorable voice, broke into the life of the domestic show business in the spring of 2017. The image of a daring hooligan behind the wheel of a gorgeous convertible was quickly replaced by the image of a confident beauty, who did not hide her sexuality.

Andrea Bocelli: biography, best songs, interesting facts

Andrea Bocelli His voice is a conductor between the imperfections of the surrounding reality and impeccable spiritual beauty, which opens like flowers with dawn rays when music begins to sound. Andrea Bochelli is a truly outstanding contemporary performer, a man marked by inimitable talent, a singer who turned the Italian language into an intuitively understandable to everyone whose heart was at least once in the grip of all-consuming love.

What is rap, rap history

What is rap, the story of rap Back in 1972, the popular Italian actor, singer and composer Adriano Celentano first introduced to the audience a song with the amazing name "Prisencolinensinainciusol". The song had not only a strange title, but also content that was filled with meaningless fictional words.