The best performances on the minute of glory: a selection of videos of chic numbers

Show "Minute of Fame" gave a chance to millions of people to show their talents. Of course, not all of these people could be remembered by viewers and television viewers, but still, many truly talented and unique personalities remained in the memory of many, conquering not only with their capabilities, but also with charisma. And already such best performances at the moment of glory can say that the show was not created in vain.

The secret of genius violins Stradivari

The place and exact date of birth of the notorious Italian violinist-master Antonio Stradivari is not precisely established. The estimated years of his life - from 1644 to 1737. 1666, Cremona is a mark on one of the master's violins, which gives reason to say that this year he lived in Cremona and was a student of Nicolo Amati.

Music and postage stamps: Philatelic Chopeniana

Chopin's name is known to anyone. He is admired by connoisseurs of music and beauty, including philatelists. The times of two centuries ago, the silver age. Creative life then concentrated in Paris; Frederic Chopin also moved from Poland there at the age of 20. Paris conquered everyone, but the young pianist quickly "conquered the capital of Europe" with his talent.

What operas did Mozart write? 5 most famous operas

Mozart during his short life created a huge number of various musical works, but he considered operas to be the most important in his work. In total, he wrote 21 operas, with the very first, Apollo and Hyacinth, at the age of 10 years, and the most significant works fell on the last decade of his life.

Mozart's childhood: how genius was formed

To better understand what influenced Wolfgang Amadeus’s personality, you need to find out how his childhood passed. After all, it is the tender age that determines how a person will become, and this, in turn, is reflected in creativity. Leopold is an evil genius or guardian angel. It is difficult to exaggerate the role that the personality of the father, Leopold Mozart, had on the formation of the little genius.