Children's educational programs. Music for children.

Children's educational programs. A happy and gorgeous time is childhood ... Only in childhood we look at the world around us in a special way, make incredible discoveries and believe in miracles. Save and extend this feeling, as well as fill the child's life with new colors, sounds and feelings will help our children's educational programs.

K. Saint-Saens "Animal Carnival"

"Animal Carnival" Camille Saint-Saens "Animal Carnival" - a comic suite by the world-famous composer C. Saint-Saens, which was written for the chamber ensemble. The unique musical work that conquered the whole world, but was condemned by its own author! Saint-Saens personally put a ban on the publishing house "Carnival of Animals", so as not to "become famous as the author of stupid musical works."

Symphonic tale "Peter and the Wolf"

The symphonic tale "Peter and the Wolf" Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev The symphonic fairy tale by Sergey Prokofiev "The Peter and the Wolf" is popular among both adults and very young listeners. She was presented by the Moscow Philharmonic and even staged for young viewers and their parents. The writing carries a teaching motive and teaches children to recognize each musical instrument, introduces all of its characteristic features.

B. Britten "Orchestra Guide"

"Guide to the orchestra for young listeners" Benjamin Britten Benjamin Britten was at the forefront of the revival of English music on the world stage. He created works of various genres and paid particular attention to popular trends. His role as an enlightener musician was reflected in musical etudes that were intended for young people and children.