What are the programs for recording notes?

Programs for recording notes are needed to print notes on a computer. From this article you will learn the best program for recording notes. Creating and editing notes on a computer is a fascinating and interesting business, and there are quite a few programs for this. I will name the three best music editors, for yourself you can choose any of them.

Cards with notes for all occasions

For novice musicians are good a variety of ways to memorize notes. One of them - cards with notes for quick recognition. Music cards are good not only for training the quick identification of notes randomly, but also for checking how a student learns the notes. Therefore, music cards are an indispensable and very effective tool for any teacher.

Harmony: playing a period with an interrupted cadenza

We continue the theme of the game of modulations. In the previous article, we found out that in order to play modulations, we need some basis, which is often the period (in general, more often, only his second sentence is played). This article was called "Harmony: a period for the game," you can read it by clicking on the highlighted words.

Harmony: the period for the game

Anyone who studies at a music college or a conservatory, sooner or later have to learn harmony. As a rule, one of the mandatory forms of work on these lessons are piano exercises: playing individual turns, diatonic and chromatic sequences, modulations, simple musical forms.

Analysis of the work of musical literature

In the last article, we talked about how to sort the plays before bringing them to work in the class in their specialty. Link to this material is located at the end of this post. Today, the focus of our attention will also be the analysis of a musical work, but we will only be preparing for lessons in musical literature.

Music character tables

Paradoxically, the composers fix not only "notes" in the musical notation, but also "encrypt" a large amount of the most diverse information that should help the performer, who can read between the lines, reveal the artistic essence of the performed work. Of course, the meaning, for example, is carried by the title, title, but there is also other verbal and letter designations in the musical text, through which we learn about the nature of the music.