Works for instruments with orchestra

Works for instruments with orchestra S. Rachmaninov Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 3 Link P.I. Tchaikovsky Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 1 Link V.A. Mozart Concerts for Piano and Orchestra Link L. Beethoven Concerts for Piano and Orchestra Link S. Rachmaninov Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2 Link C.

About the Symphony Orchestra

Interesting facts about the symphony orchestra Link The unlimited possibilities of the symphonic orchestra Link The symphonic orchestra: the formation and development. Link What do you think about when listening to music performed by a symphony orchestra or watching his performance? Perhaps you are interested in the dramatic effect or the general concept of the whole work?

Musical Instrument: English Horn

Musical instrument: The English Horn The English Horn also has a second name, the alto oboe, and belongs to the woodwind group. It was constructed from a hunting oboe by adding a bell to it. At first, the tool was curved in the shape of an arc, but later acquired an elongated appearance.

Symphonic music

Guide to Link instruments Video Link About the orchestra Link Amazing symphonic works Link Works for instruments with orchestra Link With each new page of our resource, a symphony orchestra, like a brilliantly cut diamond, will open for you from a new, amazing side.

Interesting facts about the symphony orchestra

Interesting facts about the symphony orchestra We suggest that you familiarize yourself with interesting and fascinating facts related to the symphonic orchestra, which have gathered quite a lot over its long history. We hope that with such interesting information we will be able to surprise not only lovers of ballet art, but also discover something new, even for true professionals in this field.

Musical Instrument: Flute Piccolo

Musical instrument: Flute piccolo The flute piccolo, or as it is also called, the small flute, belongs to woodwind instruments and is a kind of flute. Indeed, she is very similar to her, only piccolo is less than twice and much higher in sound. Perhaps one of the highest in its sound and at the same time small orchestral instruments.

Limitless possibilities of a symphony orchestra

Limitless possibilities of a symphony orchestra. Each of you is familiar with the concept of a symphony orchestra. However, before he was fully established in the works of the Viennese classics, there was not even a clear distinction between him and the musical ensemble. Only when music ceased to exist only in order to serve life, when they began to create compositions intended for a special occasion, celebration or concert, a symphony orchestra was formed.

Symphony orchestra: formation and development.

Symphony orchestra: formation and development. It is difficult to imagine a person who has never heard a symphony orchestra. So what is it? When did the orchestra appear and was it always like this? How many tools should be included in its composition and is it possible to change it? First of all, look at any explanatory dictionary.

Timpani: interesting facts, video, story, listen, photo

Musical instrument: Timpani That conductor waved his wand and heard the menacing rumble of thunder. It sounds one of the most ancient percussion musical instruments - timpani. Do not be confused with the drums, because they have little in common. Timpani have a more complex structure and represent the body of metal in the form of a boiler, with a stretched plastic or leather, in the bottom there is a resonator hole.

Amazing symphonic works

V.A. Mozart symphony №40 Link G. Sviridov "Blizzard" Link M. Ravel "Bolero" Link Waltzes of Strauss Link Ludwig van Beethoven "Egmont" Link Night on Bald Mountain Link Fantastic symphony Link Farewell symphony Link Ludwig van Beethoven "Symphony No. 5" Link P .AND. Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 1 "Winter Dreams" Link Franz Schubert "Unfinished Symphony" Link A.

Oboe: history, video, interesting facts, listen

Musical Instrument: The Oboe Oboe is an amazing musical instrument of its kind, distinguished from other woodwinds with expressiveness and penetration of sound. That is why he is considered a "singing" rather than a virtuoso instrument. In terms of technical capabilities, it is in many ways inferior to the flute, but in terms of beauty and depth of sound, it has no equal.

M.I. Glinka "Waltz-fantasy": history, video, content

M.I. Glinka "Waltz-fantasy" "Waltz-fantasy" is a work that permeates the creative path of Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka. It is precisely by the changes that the author added that one can see how the composer grew musically. You can read the history of creation, listen to the work, as well as get acquainted with interesting facts on our page.

Bassoon: story, video, interesting facts, listen

Musical instrument: Bassoon The word "bassoon" in Italian means "knot" or "bundle". Why is the most dimensional and lowest instrument of the woodwind so called? Everything is simple - the first bassoons, which appeared more than half a millennium ago, were of immense size and, when disassembled, looked more like a bundle of firewood than a musical instrument.