Theater of the Renaissance and Baroque

Orpheus and Eurydice Link Dido and Aeneas Link Coronation of Poppay Link Xerxes Link Many of the operas of the Renaissance and Baroque today are not put up in musical theaters, and live only on the pages of scores and rare audio and video records of many years ago. And some - victoriously returning to the world opera scenes, collecting full halls and endless ovations.

G. F. Handel opera "Xerxes"

G. F. Handel opera "Xerxes" Among the musical and theatrical heritage of the Baroque era, a special place is occupied by works by G. F. Handel. "Xerxes" is the fortieth opera of the great composer, written on the libretto by Nicolo Minato. It is considered the most non-standard and unusual creation of the author, because in its musical language it anticipates many opera works of the next century.

Opera "Orpheus": content, video, interesting facts, history

K. Monteverdi opera "Orpheus" This composition was born when the very concept of "opera" did not exist. And it is symbolic that the ancient Greek myth about the singer formed the basis of the first musical drama Claudio Monteverdi "Orpheus". Actors Voice Description Music soprano muse and patroness Orpheus tenor singer Eurydice soprano his wife Hope soprano conductor Orpheus Charon bass ferryman of the underworld Pluto bass lord of the underworld Proserpina soprano his wife Summary The prologue to the viewer is Music itself and wants to find harmony that Orpheus brought to this world with his singing.

C. Monteverdi Opera "The Coronation of Poppa"

K. Monteverdi Opera "The Coronation of Poppa" The basis of the "Coronation of Poppa" by Claudio Monteverdi is based on an unusual plot for its time. The composer for the first time uses for the libretto authentic historical events, the course of which is borrowed from the works of ancient Roman historians. That is why the "Coronation of Poppa" is considered the world's first opera on a historical plot.