5 harmful and 5 useful products for the vocalist. Power and voice

Nutrition plays a big role in the life and work of the vocalist. Sometimes the hoarse sound of the voice does not appear because of a sore throat, but with improper diet. The problem concerns not only the main food of the singer, but also the use of certain foods before singing. It is believed that vocalists are forbidden to only use seeds, as it is harmful to the voice, and before singing you need to drink raw eggs.

How to recover a ripped voice

Alas, every vocalist sooner or later faces a loss of voice. Very often, the cause of a broken voice is not intense vocal lessons, but a cry, especially in a state of strong anger or affect. A broken voice disappears not as during a cold, but suddenly immediately after a shout or even during it.

How to sing: a regular lesson in vocal from Elizaveta Bokova

A singer who has not prepared his vocal cords for certain stresses arising in the process of performing some difficult pieces of the work, just like an athlete who has not done the warm-up, may be injured and lose the opportunity to continue his activity. People who want to learn how to perform high-quality vocal works, want to learn how to properly sing in order to warm up the voice.

Determine the type of voice in a child and an adult

Each voice is unique and unique in its sound. Thanks to these features, we can easily recognize the voices of our friends even by phone. Singing voices differ not only in timbre, but also in height of voice opening, range, individual coloring. And in this article you will learn how to correctly determine the type of voice of a child or an adult.

The history of Gregorian chants: the recitative of the prayer choral will respond

Gregorian chorals, Gregorian chants ... Most of us automatically associate these words with the Middle Ages (and quite rightly). But the roots of this liturgical chants go back to the late antiquity, when the first Christian communities appeared in the Middle East. The foundations of the Gregorian chant were formed over the course of the II-VI centuries under the influence of the musical order of antiquity (odic chants), and the music of the countries of the East (ancient Jewish psalmody, melismatic music of Armenia, Syria, Egypt).

Male and female singing voices

All singing voices are divided into women's, men's and children's. The main female voices are soprano, mezzo-soprano and contralto, and the most common male voices are tenor, baritone and bass. All sounds that can be sung or played on a musical instrument are high, medium and low.

Voice recording on a usual lavalier microphone: we get high-quality sound in simple ways.

Everyone knows that in the case when you need to record a live voice on video, use a microphone-buttonhole. Such a microphone - small and light - is mounted directly on the clothes of the talking hero of the video. Due to his diminutiveness, he does not interfere during recording with someone who speaks or sings into it, and for the same reason he is well disguised and hidden, and, therefore, in most cases is not visible to the viewer.

How to learn to sing vibrato? A few simple setups for a beginner vocalist.

You have probably noticed that the vast majority of modern singers in their performances use the technique of vibrato? And also tried to sing with a vibration in his voice? And, of course, the first time did not work? Someone will say: "Oh, why do I even need this vibrato? You can sing beautifully without it!" And this is true, but because vibrato brings diversity to the voice, and it becomes truly alive!

How to make a voice beautiful: simple tips

The voice is also important in life, as well as the appearance of a person. According to statistics, it is with the human voice that most of the information is transmitted during any communication. That is why it is very important to have a beautiful, velvety voice that will contribute to success in all your endeavors.

Voice hygiene, or how to grow a good voice?

Some vocalists are gifted with a beautiful voice from birth and in order to make a real diamond from an uncut diamond, they need to try a little bit. But what about those people who want to become really good vocalists, but the nature of their voices is not so strong? So how to grow a voice?

How to overcome the tightness in the voice?

The tightness in the voice is a problem that accompanies many vocalists. As a rule, the higher the note, the more pinched the voice sounds, and the more difficult it becomes to sing further. The squeezed voice most often sounds like a scream, and this scream translates into what “cics” occur, a voice breaks or, what is called, “a rooster gives”.

How to learn to sing beautifully: basic vocal rules

Many people dream of learning how to sing beautifully. But is it suitable for everyone, or is it a science for the elect? For most singers, the melody of a voice sounds easy and fluent, but here everything is far from simple. When singing are important speech position, the correct position of the body, a sense of rhythm, emotional state.

Mutation of voice in girls

If the vocal teachers and parents take the problem of mutation of the voice in adolescent boys quite seriously, then things are different with girls. However, this approach is not at all correct, since the mutation of the voice in girls is no less serious. What is the mechanism for breaking the voice of girls? Mutation period, as a rule, in girls is much shorter than in boys.

Save your talent: how to save voice?

A talented singer is worthy of admiration. His voice is like a rare instrument in the hands of a master. And therefore it is necessary to handle it carefully, carefully. Let's follow along with how to save the voice of the singer. To prevent negative deviations consider the possible problems of the vocal apparatus. Runny nose Appears as a result of a cold.

How to learn to sing correctly? Tips singer Elizabeth Side

For people just starting out singing, if they have never done vocals, professional teachers give one important piece of advice: to learn how to sing correctly, you need to learn how to breathe correctly. When life is not connected with singing or acting, we do not pay any attention to our own breathing, and therefore the advice causes some surprise.

Technique of throat singing: some secrets from the simplest

The technique of throat singing cannot be mastered like this, simply by reading books or related articles. Partly because the thirsty to learn this art lacks the very ideas of such singing, and partly, and because outsider control is important in the practice of teaching. In any case, the theoretical information provided to you should be used rather as a supplement for obmozgovaniya and understanding of the practice of singing, but you need to learn to sing at least by video, if it is impossible to live.

The best romances of all time

What is romance? The root of this word is capable of embarrassing and leading far away from the correct answer - to recall the Romanesque style in art, the literary genre of the novel, and finally, such an artistic style of the first third of the XIX century, as romanticism. In fact, all these phenomena relate to the romance as a song genre weak or do not have at all ... It is known from history that collections of Spanish songs of the same subject matter and similar in their plot were called "romanceró".