Woodwinds: some history

Woodwind - the most ancient along with the drum and some other drums. Many pastoral scenes, pictures of antiquity, you can see all sorts of pipes and flute, which played our ancestors. Material was at hand. Cane reeds, bamboo and other branches served as the basis for future pipes.

Cornet - undeservedly forgotten hero brass band

Cornet (cornet-a-piston) is a brass wind instrument. It looks very impressive and gleams its copper sides against the background of other instruments in the orchestra. Nowadays, his fame, unfortunately, remains in the past. Cornet is a direct descendant of the post horn. Interestingly, the horn was made of wood, but it was always attributed to brass wind instruments.

How to play the harmonica? Newbie article

Harmonica is a miniature wind organ that not only has a deep and peculiar sound, but also perfectly combines with a guitar, keyboards and vocals. No wonder that the number of people who want to play the harmonica is growing all over the world! The choice of instrument There are a large number of varieties of harmonicas: chromatic, blues, tremolo, bass, octave, as well as their combinations.