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Zayn Malik (Zayn)

Zayn Malik is a talented British singer who is known worldwide. He regularly receives offers of cooperation with various studios, brands, magazines and performers. He is the only one who was simultaneously on the top of the American Billboard 200 and the UK UK Album chart. It's amazing that all this fits in one person. I wonder how Zayn did it?

Short biography

Zane Javaad Malik - the full name of the now famous singer. The future musician was born on January 12, 1993 in Bradford, West Yorkshire. By the way, the town is known as a center for the production of textiles. Zayn grew up in a rather large family: he has three sisters. But the most interesting thing is that his family is not quite normal, because Pakistani, English and Irish roots are flowing in the boy’s blood. Because of this, in his life there were difficulties in communicating with the children of primary school. It is also worth noting that from infancy, parents controlled the religious upbringing of their son: he often went to the mosque and read the holy book - the Koran.

In high school, the young man took an active part in various productions that developed his creative abilities, despite the fact that his parents were far from art (Zeina's mother worked in the school cafeteria, and her father earned physical labor). Already at a young age, Zayn tried to put words into lines, and lines into songs. He really enjoyed R & B, reggae and hip-hop music. In one of the interviews, Zayn shared that while still at school, he performed on the same stage with John Sean.

By the way, the artist himself in the future saw himself as an English teacher. Perhaps a great teacher would have come out of him, but who would have thought ...

In 2010, Malik went to Manchester to compete in the popular The X Factor competition. After the performance of "Let Me Love You", Zayn heard a three-time "yes" from the judges. When he failed miserably at the subsequent tests, he received a proposal to join the One Direction group with Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan for further participation in the competition. They managed to penetrate the hearts of millions of people on the planet and, having received the 3rd place, signed a contract with Syco to record singles. The show gave them a chance to get on the road to success.

In 2011, the group recorded the first Up All Night disc, where the main role was played by the song What Makes You Beautiful, which brought victory to the Brit Awards-2012. They had time to look into New Zealand, North America, Australia and travel through Britain. A year later, the next album "Take Me Home" was formed, not inferior to the previous one, and the track Live While We're Young was marked as "pop perfection". In 2013, the guys completed the discography by publishing their third album Midnight Memories. He headed the Billboard 200. And in the late fall of 2014, the guys showed the next studio album Four to the world, which, like the previous three, became the leader of the American charts.

Not so long ago, the singer decided to stop his work in a team and begin a solo career. The main reason was the lack of opportunity to express oneself to the maximum, the performer was constantly among the limitations and frameworks. And even the musical direction in the group did not suit him, because the guys performed in the pop-rock genre. Immediately after his departure, Zayn Malik began working with RCA Records as a solo artist.

Interesting Facts

  • Before the concert, during the singing, Malik brushes his teeth. Here is such a tradition. Maybe she brought him such success?

  • In 2014, GQ magazine called Zayn the most stylish young man. However, it is not surprising, he always monitors his appearance and often sets up experiments. Those who watch his life know that Zayn loves to change the length of his hair or its color.

  • On his body there are more than 30 tattoos.

  • Probably most people in the universe have some kind of fear, so Zeina is frightened by vast water areas. So it is, this hydrophobia. With all this, it is very impressive sharks. In the list of his fears are also height and darkness.

  • Group 'N Sync is Zane's idol.

  • Zayn has an entire comic book collection that he collected throughout his childhood. His favorite book is Harry Potter.

  • Translated from Arabic, his surname means "king", and the name - "beautiful."

  • Music is not the only passion of Malik, he devotes his free time to drawing.

  • He is furious to see someone chewing with his mouth open or chomping.

  • Zayn is wildly delighted with cats, including wild ones. If he could turn into an animal, the choice would fall on a lion.
  • His first kiss was 10 years old. Early bird, however!

  • Once the singer wanted to shave his hair under zero, but decided to listen to the fans.

  • At school, he liked English, art and dramaturgy.

  • Having come to The X Factor, the singer expected only to gain experience.

  • He likes black clothes.

  • The singer wants to get engaged to 30.

  • The most amazing day for Malik is the one that was held in the family’s surroundings.

  • Malik is also a man, and he has a bad habit - smoking, which he is trying to part with.

  • He adores chicken meat and any dish containing it.

  • At the age of 15, the young man started boxing, but he did not become the second Michael Tyson, and two years later he abandoned the case.

  • Boris, Hatchi, Harley, Rolo and Tom - this is not a collection of the names of his relatives, these are the nicknames of all Zeyn's pets!

  • The singer is also interested in cooking! Zane loves baking pies!

Albums and best songs

In 2016, releasing his own album, the singer had no idea what to expect from the public. He experimented with styles, searched for something special, learned himself. Malik really wanted to show his personality and the music that influenced him, that's why the album is called Mind Of Mine. Here is a whole mix of genres and styles, an absolute reflection of Zane's thoughts. The singer creates music without sticking to one thing; he is always open to the new and the unknown and does not like to restrain himself. According to him, only sincerity leads to success, falsehood is always noticeable and no one needs. Everyone wants to see you present.

And now a little about the cover. Why child photography, you ask? The idea was to show your ultimate dream, show the place where Zayn always wanted to be. And here it is. This photo is very significant for the singer, the picture has stood in the living room since it was taken.

"Pillowtalk" - shortly before the release of the single, the performer announced that he would be about a love affair, thereby intrigued the fans. But with whom? Where? When? As it turned out later, with Gigi Hadid. Despite such a frank statement, there are almost no vulgar scenes in the video. Everything turned out very unusual and seasoned with a hint of metaphor: Zayn compares intimacy with paradise and an arena for battle. Track won first place in Itunes in 90 countries of the world! For 4 days it was listened to more than 13 million times! The song also hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100. And this is not a joke!

"Pillowtalk" (listen)

"Like I Would" - in the song, the singer refers to his ex-girlfriend: "no one knows your body, like me, no one can touch and love you the way I do ..." You would never see such a thing among the texts of One Direction. To talk openly and directly about intimacy and feelings is what he lacked!

"Like I Would" (listen)

Since the singer does not stand still and he is now in the process of writing a new album, it is worth talking about his latest tracks. How will Zayn surprise us this time?

"I Don't Wanna Live Forever" - In December 2016, a single by Zeina Malik and Taylor Swift appeared. I Don't Wanna Live Forever, which became the soundtrack for the movie "Fifty Shades Darker." And in January, a clip was released, where performers crush hotel rooms in tatters, and that by the spring had already collected about hundreds of millions of views. The single won second place on the Billboard Hot 100.

"I Don't Wanna Live Forever" (listen)

"Dusk Till Dawn" - On September 7, 2017, the track Dusk Till Dawn sounded with Sia for Zayn Malik's second album. Interestingly, the video was filmed by Mark Webb, the director of the popular movie "500 Days of Summer", and for 1 day scored ten million views. Forbes nicknamed the song epic, but not too much, critics noted the strong vocal of both singers and an unforgettable melody. According to the reviewers, the song may well be nominated for a Grammy Award for best duet. Rolling Stone magazine remarked that everything is done in the classic style of Seah, but it blends perfectly with Zayn's vocals. MTV also left its response, which says that the track will soon break the stadiums. But where the good ends, the bad begins. Therefore, you will not see any positives from Spin magazine. The publisher considered the duet to be predictable and uninteresting, adding that the song is very inferior to Still Got Time.


Since Zane is a versatile person, participation in the filming of films could not pass him by. Of course, most often these are some bit parts, but who knows what lies ahead?

"Ah Carly" - This is an American sitcom, broadcast on screens since 2007, in which Zane played himself in one of the episodes.

"One Direction: This is us" - The film tells the story of the formation of the career of each of the participants One Direction. When the group reached the peak of its popularity, it was time to elaborate on their path to success. So, here you can learn a little about the biography of each participant of The X Factor show, about their life before and after, about changes in it and innovations. The film clearly shows what it is like to be one of One Direction and what feelings they have before each concert. By the way, the camera was literally everywhere, which was a bit scary for the musicians, but they did it. There are no planned cadres here, so the directors were fully able to display the relationships between the participants, their leisure time, and off-stage life. In the film, there are even shots with fans of the group, telling entertaining stories, and producer comments. The guys announced the release of the film on the TV show Today in 2012, and in 2013 we were able to see it on the screens.

"One Direction: Where We Are Now" - in 2014, each Dirickshioner (that’s the name of the group’s fans) was able to shed tears of happiness, because there was a second film about the life of young people, namely, a fantastic concert in Milan, at the San Siro stadium. The guys made a surprise and presented to the audience not only their sensational hits, but also a couple of new singles. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the film crew, the audience had the opportunity to attend a concert and backstage tour where the hottest interviews were held with important and topical topics.

"Eight Ocean's Friends" - The film is a spin-off for the film "Ocean's Eleven," and Malik took part in the filming of this crime film and played himself again. What could be better? The premiere was held in June 2018.

The role of the designer

Zayn Malik constantly receives invitations to play in some advertising company or to develop a joint collection of clothes. By the way, he collaborated with fashion designer Giuseppe Zanotti and released a line of shoes. Giuseppe himself called Zayn the idol of fashion and style. And then the cooperation with the brand Versace did not keep itself waiting, it included sweatshirts, T-shirts, bombers and parks, which would suit both gentlemen and ladies.

According to Zayn, style is a way of self-expression, and here you shouldn’t be afraid to be bright.

Personal life

Even in the period of participation in the show "X-factor" the young contestant met with rivals: first with Geneva Lane, and then with Rebecca Ferguson. In 2012, Zayn began a love affair with Perry Edwards. The couple announced their engagement, but in August 2015, they broke all ties. Zayn Malik is very picky in this case, judging by the fact that the ladies around him. At the Kendall Jenner party, he struck up with Gigi Hadid, a popular supermodel. After a while they became a couple. And in December 2016, the young man offered her his hand and heart, but the girl refused. Despite this, they retained the status of a couple.

Zayn Malik - the lucky one, who managed to be on the podium after setting off for free swimming. And so it can be safely equated to Eminem, Gwen Stefani and Beyoncé, because they left the team in the same way and went in for solo work. But everything is just beginning, so you should wish the singer further success and creative development!

Watch the video: Zayn Malik Speaking Hindi Compilation (October 2019).

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