Types of modern dance: choreography for every taste

Modern dance consists of a huge number of types and subspecies of dance movements, therefore it is considered the most extensive section in choreographic art. It includes such types of dances as ballroom, jazz, modern, contemporary and other slightly less popular types of modern dance. Each direction has its own characteristics, which makes modern dance a rich and bright direction in choreography.

Types of folk dances: colorful dances of the world

Dance is the most ancient art of reincarnation. Types of folk dances reflect the culture and life of the nation. Today, with his help, one can feel oneself as passionate Spaniards or stinging Lezgins, and feel the lightness of Irish jig or the joy of unity in Greek Sirtaki, learn the philosophy of Japanese fan dance.

Types of ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is not just dancing, it is a whole art, and at the same time science, sport, passion, in one word - the whole life embodied in movement. Also, ballroom dancing is not in vain called sports - this is a huge workout for all muscles of the body, as well as proper and healthy cardiological load.

How to turn the head dance? Types of Oriental Dances

The girls in the east danced their beloved with dancing. Not surprising, because the very beauty, femininity and sexuality embodied in them. In them - the extraordinary power and culture of many nations. Types of oriental dance is a whole range of belly dance (belly dance). How to turn the head with an oriental spell of dancing?

Types of dance sport

Sports dancing is the direction that implies the use of movements and elements in the corresponding rhythm, and the sequence under the pre-set music. Sport dancing is very popular, and all thanks to their beauty, sensuality and originality. Due to the popularity of sports dances there are many.

Types of Russian folk dancing

The most ancient and rich art form is dance. Russian folk dance is closely connected with the history of the Russian people, with their traditions, beliefs and customs. Russian folk dance reveals the spiritual life of our people and their life. Through dance, people convey their feelings, thoughts and mood. Classification of Russian folk dances occurs according to their stable features and choreographic structure.