Useful music apps for iphone

On the shelves of the Apple Store quite a lot of applications for music lovers. But finding not just entertaining, but really useful music applications for the iPhone is not so easy. Therefore, we want to share with you our findings.

Cuddle, millions!

An interesting application for connoisseurs of classics offers studio "TouchPress"- "Beethoven's9th Symphony ". Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is laid out here to the last note. The application allows you to track real-time text, listening to high-quality music recording. And the versions of the Ninth are really amazing: the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Fritschay (1958) or Karajan (1962), the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with the famous Bernstein (1979) or the ensemble of historical instruments Gardiner (1992).

It's great that you can, without looking away from the "running note line", switch between recordings and compare the nuances of the conductor's interpretation. You can also follow the map of the orchestra with the backlighting of playing instruments, choose a full score or a simplified version of the musical text.

In addition, this music application for the IPhone is equipped with useful comments by music historian David Norris, videos with famous musicians' statements about the Ninth Symphony and even scans of the composer’s handwritten score.

By the way, quite recently the same guys released the Leaf Sonata for iPad. Here you can also enjoy the brilliant music without interruption from the notes, while reading or listening to comments. In addition, you can follow the play of pianist Stephen Hough from three angles, including at the same time. The bonus is historical information about the history of the sonata form and the composer, a couple of dozen videos with the analysis of the Sonata.

Guess the melody

You remember about this application when oh, how you want to know the name of the playing song. A couple of clicks - and taaaaa! - music learned Shazam! The app "Shazam" recognizes songs that sound nearby: in the club, on the radio or on TV.

In addition, after recognizing the melody, you can buy it in iTunes, and watch the clip (if any) on Youtube. As a pleasant addition - the opportunity to follow the tour of your favorite artist, access to his biography / discography and even the opportunity to buy a ticket to the idol's concert.

One-and-two-and-three ...

"Tempo" rightly got into the list of "The best music applications for the iPhone." After all, in fact, it is a metronome necessary for any musician. It is easy to set the desired pace: drive in the required number, choose a term among the usual Lento-Allegro, or even tap a rhythm with your fingers. "Tempo" keeps in mind a list of selected song tempos, which is very convenient, for example, to a drummer at a concert.

Among other things, the application allows you to select the size (there are 35) and inside it to find the desired rhythmic pattern, for example a quarter, triple or sixteenth. So you can set a certain rhythmic pattern of the metronome.

Well, for those who do not like the usual wooden countdown of shares, there is an opportunity to choose another “voice acting”, even a voice one. The best part is that the metronome works very precisely.

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