What is the difference between a piano and a piano?

One of the common questions is puzzling and confusing for many people. This is a question about the difference between a piano and a piano. Some try to identify the signs of both, and sometimes even surprise the musicians, distinguishing the piano and the piano by size, sound quality, color, and even smell with taste.

Do you know what the strings are made of?

Many familiar "non-musicians", holding a violin in their hands, are often interested in: "what are the strings made of?". The question is interesting, because in our time, of which only they are not made. But we will be consistent. A bit of history Did you know that in the Middle Ages there was a terrible rumor that strings made of cat lived?

3D printers for musicians

"Print me the Stradivarius violin," this phrase sounds absurd to most of us. But this is not a fiction science fiction writer, it is - the present. Now, a person has learned to print not only chocolate figures and plastic parts, but whole houses, and in the future he will also print full-fledged human organs.

How many keys does the piano have?

In this brief article I will try to answer frequently asked questions about the technical characteristics and the device of the piano. You will learn how many keys a piano has, why pedals are needed, and much more. I will use the question and answer format. At the end you will find a surprise. So…. Question: How many keys does the piano have?

Where to put the piano: how to create a workplace pianist?

A long-awaited day has come in the life of a little student of the music school. Parents purchased a musical instrument - a piano. The piano is not a toy, it is a full-fledged working musical instrument, every student of the music school is obliged to practice every day. Therefore, the questions: "Where to put the piano, and how to create a workplace pianist?

Independent learning to play the harmonica

The 21st century is in the courtyard, and the vocal harmonica, like many years ago, pleases us with its iridescent, perky tunes. And the lingering melody played on the accordion will not leave any listener indifferent. Independent learning to play the harmonica is available to anyone who loves its sound and really wants to play music on this instrument.

Russian folk instruments: symbolism, classification, history in names.

In the musical culture of our country Russian folk instruments occupy a special place. They are distinguished by timbre diversity and expressiveness: here there is a fluffy sadness, and dance balalaic melodies, and noisy fun of spoons and rattles, and the meager piercing of the jelly, and, of course, the richest bayan palette that absorbs all the nuances of the musical portrait of the Russian people.

Something about playing the violin for beginners: history, device tool, the principles of the game

First, a few thoughts about the history of the musical instrument. The violin in the form in which it is known today, appeared in the XVI century. The closest relative of the modern violin is considered to be the viol. Moreover, the violin inherited from it not only the external similarity, but also some of the playing techniques. The most famous school of violin masters is the school of the Italian master Stradivari.

Didgeridoo - Australia's musical heritage

The sound of this ancient instrument is difficult to describe in words. A low rumble, a roar, a bit like timbre of the throat singing of Siberian shamans. He gained fame relatively recently, but has already won the hearts of many folk and ambient musicians. Didgeridoo - the folk wind instrument of the Australian aborigines.

Types of drum sticks

This article is devoted to the story of what types of drum sticks are, as well as what the marking of the sticks means, and how to choose the right sticks for a particular installation. The kind of drum sticks you use will affect the sound, speed and overall comfort of the game. Types of drum sticks differ in types of heads (which, in turn, also differ in several parameters), material, field of application and thickness.

Where to buy a piano and how much does it cost?

If your child starts studying at a music school, then it's time to think about purchasing a good musical instrument. From the proposed article you will find answers to such questions: where to buy a piano and how much does a piano cost. Nowadays, an acoustic piano is rarely bought at home; preference is increasingly being given to digital analogs, especially for those who are learning to play the piano not as a major specialty, but as an additional instrument or simply at the level of amateur playing.

Whistle - the basis of Irish folk music

Rarely what Irish music does without a whistle. Fun jigs, fast polka, slow soulful voices - everywhere you can hear the voices of these authentic instruments. Whistle is a longitudinal flute with a whistle and six holes. It is made, as a rule, from metal, but it is often possible to meet also options from a tree or plastic.

Basics of playing the double bass

There are many musical instruments, and the string-stringed band is one of the most expressive, sweet and flexible. In this group there is such an unusual and relatively young instrument, like a double bass. It is not as popular as, for example, the violin, but is no less interesting.