Ennio Morricone: biography, interesting facts, music, movies, listen

Ennio Morricone "The best cinema music is the music you hear. Music that is not audible is no good for a movie, no matter how good it is." These are the words of the composer, whose melodies became almost more popular than cult pictures where they sounded. Ennio Morricone, artisan and genius, who proved that film music is not an auxiliary instrument, but a full-fledged protagonist.

Nino Rota: interesting facts, biography, music, movies, listen

Nino Rota He seemed a man not of this world. His ability to detach himself and live as if outside the framework of time, life, realities of reality caused genuine surprise of those around him. Incredibly modest, absolutely indifferent to material goods, fame and struggle for a place in the sun, he earned himself the “godfather of film music,” without worrying about it.