Lullabies - therapy of children's fears

There is an expression that we all come from childhood. And it is true. All emotions and experiences received by a child in childhood leave an almost indelible imprint on his adult life. It is very difficult to correct negative children's emotions, such as fear, guilt and shame, unnatural squeezing, which "grew" together with their owner.

How to conduct music classes with toddlers?

Toddlers are undoubtedly the most gentle and trustful creatures on earth. Their open and tender glance catches every breath, every movement of the teacher, so only the most sincere behavior of an adult contributes to the rapid establishment of good relations with the kids. What will help the child to adapt to the lessons?

How to teach a child to listen to music?

How to teach a child to listen to music? Such a question is set by parents, looking at how their restless children run, play, dance. The culture of listening to music is not only that the child is immersed in the sounds of melody, but also does it in a calm state (sitting in a chair, lying on a rug). How to teach a child to think while listening to music?

How to instill musical taste in a child?

Music is a reflection of the inner world of a person, and therefore, as far as different people are, music in the modern world is so diverse. But in my opinion, true music can be called the one that excites pure and sincere feelings in a person. The ability to choose from hundreds of thousands of works just such music, filled with meaning and feelings, is called good musical taste.


Alexey Viktorovich Zimakov was born on January 3, 1971. in the Siberian city of Tomsk. He is an outstanding Russian guitar player. A brilliant performer, a stunning virtuoso. It has extraordinary musicality, inaccessible technique and purity of performance. Received recognition in Russia and abroad. In his 20 years he became the winner of prestigious All-Russian and international competitions.

Andres Segovia Torres: Revival Guitar

SPAIN!!! Homeland of the great navigators, ancient chivalric romances, roguish literature. The land of Cervantes, Velasquez, Goya ... A land of unquenchable temperament, openness and Honor. Where else can you find such cheerfulness ?! For the Spaniard, the evening is not a preparation for bedtime, but the beginning of wild fun!


Probably many of us made mistakes. The ancient sages said: "To err is human." Unfortunately, there are also such serious wrong decisions or actions that can harm our entire future life. We choose which way to go: the difficult one that leads us to the cherished dream, the beautiful goal or, on the contrary, we give preference to a beautiful and easy road, which often turns out to be false, a dead end.


Every young man, sooner or later, thinks about the question of what to devote his life, how to ensure that future work becomes a continuation of his childhood or youthful dream. It's simple, if you are passionate about one, the main purpose of life. In this case, you can concentrate all your strength on achieving it, without being distracted by other, secondary tasks.


Listen to the music of Rimsky-Korsakov. You will not notice how you are transported into the world of fairy tales, magic, fiction. “The Night Before Christmas”, “The Golden Cockerel”, “The Snow Maiden” ... These and many other works of Rimsky-Korsakov's “The Great Story-teller in Music” are imbued with a childhood dream of fairy-tale life, of good and justice.

Children's classical music

Classical composers devoted quite a few pages of their work to children. These musical works are written taking into account the peculiarities of children's perception, many of them - especially for small performers, according to their technical capabilities. The world of children's music For children, operas and ballets, songs, and instrumental plays have been created.


A N N O T A C I Y The global problems of mankind, the crisis in international relations, as well as the radical sociopolitical changes in Russia ambiguously affect various spheres of human activity, including culture and music. It is important to timely compensate for the negative factors that reduce the "quality" of music education, the "quality" of young people entering the world of music.

P. I. Tchaikovsky: through thorns to the stars

A long time ago on the south-western borders of Russia, in the steppes of Ukraine, there lived a freedom-loving Cossack race with a beautiful surname Chaika. The history of this genus goes back centuries, when the Slavic tribes mastered the steppes of fertile land and were not yet divided into Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians after the invasion of the Mongol-Tatar hordes.

New approaches to solving the problem of improving the skills of music teachers: the view of a teacher of a children's music school

Russia manages to maintain a leading position in the field of training musicians. Despite certain losses that we suffered in the turbulent years of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, the domestic music community managed to defend the powerful potential of Russian musical art accumulated over the centuries through considerable efforts.