How to write a song with a guitar?

People who can play other people's works on the guitar probably wondered more than once how to write a song with a guitar? After all, it is much more pleasant to perform a song written with your own hand than to play someone else's. So, what kind of knowledge is required to write your song with a guitar? And nothing supernatural to know is required. It is enough to own the main base of chords and be able to play them by fight or brute force. Well, a little more to own rhyme and have an idea about the size of the verse.

Instructions for creating a song with a guitar

  • Initially, you need to decide on the structure of the song, that is, couplets and choruses. Usually there are 2-3 verses and between them a recurring refrain, which may differ from the verse in rhythm and verse size. Next, you need to write the lyrics for the song, if it fails, it does not matter, you can take a ready-made poem and break it into couplets, choose a chorus.
  • The next step will be the selection of chords under the text. You should not experiment hard, you can choose simple chords, and later you can add colors to them with additional notes. Humming a verse, you should go through the chords until the result seems satisfactory to you. In the course of the selection, you can experiment with various types of combat, try several searches.
  • So, dealt with the verse, go to the chorus. In it, you can change the rhythm or bust, you can add a couple of new chords, or you can play others other than the verse. The only thing that should be guided by selecting the music for the chorus is that it should be bright and more expressive in sound than the verse.
  • At all the above stages, you must always have a voice recorder, otherwise you can miss a good melody, which as usual comes unexpectedly. If there is no voice recorder, you need to hum the invented melody constantly, so as not to forget the melody. Sometimes at such moments some changes in the motif of the song may spontaneously be added. These are all positive points.
  • The next step is to combine the couplets with the chorus. It is necessary to sing the entire song, if necessary, to refine certain moments. Now you can go to the intro and the final part of the song. Basically, the intro is played on the same chords as the chorus, in order to prepare the listener for the main mood of the song. The ending can be played as well as the verse, slowing down and completing it with the first chord of the couplet.

Practice is power

There are several ways to write songs with a guitar. Not only to impose music on the finished text, as in this case, but on the contrary, you can write the text under the already finished guitar accompaniment. You can combine all this and in the course of writing music - write the text. This option is mainly characteristic of people composing under the surging inspiration. In short, there are enough options, you just need to choose the right one.

The most important point in the question of how to write a song with a guitar is experience, skill, and all this comes only through constant practice. Listening to as many songs of foreign and domestic performers as possible, one should pay attention to how the song was written, its structure, what options for introductions and endings are offered in a specific version. Everything you need to try to recreate on your guitar. In time, experience will come, ease with it, and later a personal style of playing the guitar and writing your own songs will be formed.

The author - Stanislav Kolesnik

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