Independent learning to play the harmonica

The 21st century is in the courtyard, and the vocal harmonica, like many years ago, pleases us with its iridescent, perky tunes. And the lingering melody played on the accordion will not leave any listener indifferent. Independent learning to play the harmonica is available to anyone who loves its sound and really wants to play music on this instrument.

For lovers there are several methods of mastering the harmony. And so the first thing with which it is necessary to decide at the initial stage of training is what methodology to follow.

The first way is learning by hand.

The first way to learn how to play the harmonica is built on watching the video lessons of experienced masters, observing their playing from the side, and relying on your own musical ear. It is that, bypassing the stage of studying musical notation, to begin immediately to play the instrument. This option is suitable for lovers of folk music who have never worked professionally, but are naturally endowed with good musical data.

In this case, as it is impossible, by the way, there will be recordings of authoritative performers in the video format, their training video materials. In addition, useful audio songs and tunes for the selection of tunes by ear. And you can learn to play the instrument by notes later, when many technical issues will be resolved.

The second way is traditional

The second way of learning is the most fundamental and traditional, but also more interesting, more effective. And here, of course, you can not do without tutorials and musical compilations for beginners in accordionists and accordionists. At the beginning of this journey you will meet with the stave and its inhabitants, as well as with the rhythm and duration. It is much easier to learn musical practice in practice than many imagine. The main thing, do not despair!

If you are not familiar with the notes, you will come to the rescue by tutorials from authors such as London, Bazhilin, Tyszkiewicz. In addition, from our site you can get a great tutorial on musical notation (given to everyone) as a gift!

Both the above-described options for learning to play the accordion, with regular and meaningful exercises will give a good result. The speed of training, of course, depends on your abilities, quantity and quality of training. Well, if you take advantage of this and the other way, having planned their harmonious combination in advance, the result will not take long to wait.

Rules novice harmonist

  1. Constancy in studies is the most important rule of any musician. Even if you dedicate an accordion to mastering just 10-15 minutes a day, distribute these small lessons of the game evenly throughout the week. It is better if classes take place every day.
  2. Try to master all the technology of learning slowly, but right from the very beginning, not postponing the observance of the rules until later (the “later” may not come due to the fact that something stops going out). If you are not sure about anything, look for the answer to your question in books, on the Internet or from a friend of a musician. For the rest, act independently and bravely!
  3. The first exercise that you need to learn with the instrument is the gamma in C major, even if you master the game by ear, and not by notes, you need to train on the scales. Vary them by playing the scale up and down with various strokes (jerky and connected). The gamma game will enhance your technique: speed of execution, connectivity, fur control, etc.
  4. Fur during execution lead smoothly, do not pull, do not stretch to the end, leaving a stock.
  5. When learning the scale or melody on the right keyboard, use all your fingers at once, choosing convenient options, and not just one or two, because you simply won't play at a fast pace with one finger.
  6. Since you master the accordion without a mentor, it will be good to see your performance in the recording, in order to see the game from the side and correct mistakes.
  7. Listen to a lot of songs and tunes played on the harmonica. This will give expression to your game, help to build musical phrases correctly.

Well, perhaps, all for a start. Dare! Inspire yourself by listening to popular artists and perky tunes! Work on a daily basis, and the results of your labors will be songs, which, undoubtedly, relatives and friends will rejoice when they gather at the family table!

Watch the video: Jeena jeena song from badlapur on harmonica (January 2020).


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