A little about the history of the guitar

The history of this musical instrument goes back many centuries. No one can say for sure in which country the guitar was invented, one thing is sure: it was an eastern country. Usually the ancestor of the guitar is called the lute. Which was zvevezena Europe Arabs in the Middle Ages. In the era of birth, this tool was of great importance.

The location of the notes on the neck of the guitar

Many novice guitarists in the selection of compositions are faced with some tasks, one of which is how to identify any notes on the guitar neck. In fact, this task is not so difficult. Knowing the location of the notes on the neck of the guitar, you can easily pick up any piece of music.

Reasons to become a guitar player in the digital age

In an age of rapidly developing technologies, when most of the hobbies of adolescents and young people, in one way or another, are connected with computers, in the era of drones and colliders it is quite difficult to find a hobby that would not be in contact with technology. But there is a pretty good way to dilute this monotony.

Simple Pieces for Guitar for Beginners

Before the novice guitarist is always an urgent issue with the choice of repertoire. But today the guitar photo is very extensive, and the Internet allows you to find a guitar piece for beginners to suit all tastes and possibilities. This review is devoted to works that are successfully used in teaching practice and always find a lively response from students and trainees.

Non-standard guitar tricks

Each virtuoso guitar player has a pair of chips up his sleeve, which make his playing unique and catchy. The guitar is a universal instrument. It manages to extract a lot of melodic sounds that can both beautify the composition and change it beyond recognition. In this article we will focus on non-standard methods of playing the guitar.

How long does it take to learn to play the guitar, and which guitar should a beginner choose? Or 5 common questions about the guitar

Do not be afraid to ask questions about learning music. Even the great Joe Satriani once wondered how much to learn to play the guitar in order to achieve heights in skill. And surely he is still interested in everything related to the production of high-quality instruments, namely which company to choose an instrument for performing on the big stage.

What is the difference between an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar?

Often, before you buy a guitar, the future musician asks himself the question, which instrument to choose, acoustics or electric guitar? In order to make the right choice, you need to know the features and the differences between them. Each of them, due to the specifics of its structure, is used in different styles of music, and both methods are dominated by different playing methods.

How did I learn to play the guitar? Personal experience and advice of a self-taught musician ...

Once I had the idea to learn how to play the guitar. I sat down to look for information on this topic on the Internet. Having found a lot of things on the topic, I could not understand which information is important and which is irrelevant. In this article I will tell you about what a novice guitarist needs to know: how to choose a guitar, on which strings it is better to start playing, how to tune a guitar, what chords are and how they are put, etc.

How to pick up the strings for the guitar?

Where do you get new guitar strings? Personally, I prefer to buy them in regular music stores, feeling live, and at the same time exchanging jokes with long-familiar salespeople there. However, without any fear you can order guitar strings online. Wandering through the expanses of online stores, you probably noticed that the types of strings for the guitar offered for sale are quite numerous.

Basic tricks of the guitar

In the previous article, we talked about the methods of sound, that is, about the basic techniques of playing the guitar. Well, now let's take a closer look at the tricks of the game, with which you can decorate your performance. You should not abuse the decoration techniques, their oversupply in the play most often indicates a lack of taste (unless the style of the performed piece requires it).

Beautiful classical pieces for guitar

The classical guitar, as they say, can sing on its own, without the help of a musician. And in the right hands, it turns into something special. Guitar music has won the hearts of many lovers with its beauty. And classical pieces for a guitar learn neophytes independently and in musical schools, preferring those or other notes.

Guitar exercises for beginners - those who find it difficult to play and Am

Training in the guitar usually begins with the chords of the first position. It would seem that it is simpler than studying the simple fingering of Am, Dm and E. Moreover, having mastered this bunch, you can already play a lot of simple songs. But, unfortunately, beginners can not cope with this task. Fingers are confused, despite all the efforts; corns on the fingertips are unpleasant; and switching to another chord seems like an impossible task at all.

How to choose a guitar novice

If you are a beginner, then, most likely, you have no idea how to choose a suitable guitar, so you need to know some selection criteria. First you need to decide what kind of guitars you need: acoustic or electric guitar? Or maybe classic? How to choose a newbie guitar?

Ways to play the guitar

How many have already spoken-talked about how you can play the guitar! All sorts of tutorials (from professional-tedious to primitive-amateurish), numerous online articles (and explanatory, and stupid), online lessons - everything has already been revised and re-read several times. You ask: "Why should I waste my time studying this article, if there is more than enough information around?"

Where to buy strings for guitar and how to set them up? Or 5 more common questions about the guitar

Long ago, when guitars did not exist yet, and the ancient Greeks played kithars, the strings were called fibers. Hence the "soul fibers", "play on the fibers." The ancient musicians did not have to ask which strings were better for the guitar - they were all made from the same thing - from the intestines of animals. Time passed, and four-stringed kithars were reborn into six-string guitars, and a new question arose before humanity - what are the strings on the guitar called?

Playing guitar on the guitar: where to start?

To learn how to play guitar, you need to be not only a guitar player, but also a little bit a drummer. A fight is nothing more than a collection of individual strokes connected in a certain rhythmic pattern. His character largely depends on the specific style (flamenco, rock, pop, reggae, march, tango) and size (2/4, 4/4, 6/8).

Deep tuning electric guitar

If you think that tuning a guitar is just to tweak your chops before playing, you are mistaken. The height of the strings, deflection of the neck, the position of the pickups, the scale - all this can and must be changed to achieve better sound and ease of playing the instrument. In this article we will look at the deep tuning of an electric guitar: how it is done and why it is needed.

Choosing an electric guitar - what to look for

Buying a new instrument is one of the most important periods in the musical life of a guitarist. Guitar is not a cheap pleasure. She will serve you more than one year. Therefore, the choice must be approached very carefully. In this article we will discuss what characteristics you should pay attention to, and how they will affect the sound of an electric guitar.

How to play the blues. Basics of Blues Improvisation

Blues is a very diverse and interesting genre of music. Two compositions can be very different from each other - and you will not think that this is the same direction. It is performed by street musicians and world famous stars, like Gary Moore. In this article we will look at how to play the blues on the guitar. Fingers or slide?

What is a tablature, or how to play the guitar without knowing the notes?

Are you hanging in one place? Tired of playing guitar with chords only? Would you like something new, for example, to play interesting music without knowing the notes? I have long dreamed of playing the intro to “Nothing else matters.” Metallic: the notes are downloaded, but somehow there’s no time to sort them out? Forget about the difficulties, because you can play your favorite tunes without notes - using the tablature.