Symphonic music for a teenager

Symphonic music for a teenager We call the children of those who have been born, while completely ignoring the past years. And the years go by. We grow older, children grow up and change. But we do not notice this, because we see them every day and get used to it. This is the biggest mistake of all dads and moms. Realize

In the life of parents, sooner or later there comes a moment when they realize that the gap between them and their children is gradually growing. And the names of this abyss are many, but the main thing is a social difference. Let me explain - adults perceive social difference as the level of personal wealth, career growth, social circle. Children have everything easier and at the same time much more difficult. Child psychology is straightforward - it’s here, and there it’s foreign; these are adults, and this is I. Often people turn to psychologists, saying that the child becomes uncontrollable, bold, becomes self-contained.

The first question that the specialist asks afflicted parents: "Do you need a robot or a person who is able to make decisions and live his life?" I think the answer of most dads and moms can be guessed. But the second question is not answered, but it sounds like this: "What did you do with the child when he was five? What games did you play? What music did you listen to? Did you read the books together?" The answer in this case are various excuses: I worked, I did not have time for these nonsense, I have two more, when to mess with it? Here lies the common root of the problem. With him, and it is worth starting.Every teenager goes with the flow Music plays a huge role in the life of a teenager - it is also an opportunity to retire, to withdraw into yourself; and easier communication with other groups of teenagers; and a way to protest adults. Often parents forget that they were in many ways similar to their own children, but only many years ago. The same long or completely cropped hair, eye-catching clothes, and the same problems with parents. The one who was able to remember himself at their age immediately jumps over several steps leading to mutual understanding. It is a well-known fact that symphonic music fully develops a person and balances his character, but most people come to understand the classics only in adulthood. How to instill an almost formed personality craving for the works of the classics? This task, without the right vector of actions, seems almost impossible, but it only seems. Classic - always appreciated Attempts to establish contact with your own child are best to start with music. This does not mean that you have to force yourself to listen to heavy metal or hip-hop, although you still have to navigate in style. Symphonic music can serve as a good bridge to mutual understanding. But how do you think, can you drag the child to the philharmonic? And if you drag, how long will it listen? The response of psychologists is the first fifteen minutes, and then it will be boring to watch the funny uncle waving a wand and the trumpeters reddening from the strain. Of course, the opinion of experts is based on statistics and does not mean that all children in transition will behave the same way. It should be remembered that symphonic music and works of classics will be appreciated hundreds of years later, and therefore you should look for a way out in the works of modern performers. Many representatives of rap and pop culture use classical melodies to create their own compositions. To begin with, it will be enough to point out to the child that the melody that he is actively singing was created by Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart or someone else from a pleiad of classical composers. But in order to know the author of a composition, many composers will have to listen to it, which, by the way, is not bad - noble chords will sound in the house and gradually settle in the subconscious of the younger generation. With young people listening to rock music, problems will be a little less. Today, concerts in which well-known works of rock music are performed by a symphony orchestra have become fashionable. Such arrangements amaze with the depth of sound and powerful energy, which means it will be much easier to interest the teenager with classical instruments and symphonic music. The simplest example is to present a couple of tickets to a concert (and go yourself so that the children won't notice) and, most likely, you will hear about how cool it was, how the violins played, and then how big the drums will sound! And if you were there yourself, then for sure there is something to talk about with your child, so incomprehensible before, which means to begin the reconstruction of sagging relationships.

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