Classical music in "Tom and Jerry"

A large role in the cartoon belongs to the music, it conveys the feelings and emotions of the main characters. Most of the compositions belong to the composer Scott Bradley, who masterfully combines elements of jazz, classical and contemporary popular melodies. You can often hear authentic classic works, which can not fail to please the audience.

Cartoon music

Music by P. I. Tchaikovsky in cartoons Link Classical music in "Tom and Jerry" Link Walt Disney fantasies Link Cartoons to music by N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Link Music by V.A. Mozart in Link Cartoons Love to cartoons begins at a young age and many people keep it throughout their lives.

Cartoons to the music of N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov

The music of N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov is wonderfully picturesque and pictorial in nature and is closely associated with Russian nature, pictures of folk life, as well as marine and oriental images. Among the creative heritage of a separate layer are the operas written on fairy tales - “The Night Before Christmas”, “Sadko”, “The Tale of Tsar Saltan”, “Kashchei Immortal”, “The Snow Maiden” and others.

Music by P. I. Tchaikovsky in cartoons

Tchaikovsky's musical works, written especially for young listeners, are familiar to us almost from childhood. Admit it, because surely many of you have heard the song "Green Grass" and most likely did not even guess who the author is? Many of the works of the composer can be heard in favorite and popular cartoons.

Walt Disney Fantasies

In this unusual cartoon series, the Dolby Stereo stereo system was used for the first time, and all the work on it went in a rather interesting way. The director and Walt Disney himself made the necessary recording of the composition and listened to it, simultaneously recording all the pop-up associations. Then everything was repeated several times.

Music V.A. Mozart in cartoons

Many researchers recommend listening to children from an early age precisely the music of V. Mozart, because it is endowed with an extraordinary "magic" effect. Scientists have already proved, after conducting a series of experiments and studies, that the creations of the Viennese classics possess extraordinary harmonious harmony and exactly reproduce the rhythm of the heartbeat.