How to become a DJ? Simple recommendations

This kind of activity and even you can say the profession as a DJing is becoming increasingly popular among young people. If a couple of decades ago this type of activity was new and little-known, today many young people dream of seeing themselves at the DJ desk, and from time to time they think about how they could become a DJ.

Who is such a DJ?

The term is borrowed from the English language, where the abbreviation DJ It is decoded as a disc jockey, and indicates a person who plays various musical compositions for a specific audience, giving the finished tracks special tones of sound with the help of special equipment.

DJ console can be equipped with the most different musical equipment from conventional players and vinyl sets to synthesizers and laptops with special programs for processing and creating sound. Of course, the person behind this console must not only perfectly master all the skills of such equipment, but also create their own unique style that attracts the audience and distinguishes it from others.

Define the direction of work and its place

Few people think that the profession of a DJ has several directions, while each has its own characteristics. How to become a DJ? First of all, it is necessary to determine the place of further work. It can be:

  • Clubs (club DJ).
  • Various parties, celebrations and events (mobile DJ).
  • Radio stations (radio DJ).

In addition, DJs are divided by the type of musical media with which they work, and the necessary equipment. Today, not everyone knows how to manage vinyl installation, someone prefers to work on a professional laptop, adding special effects to the tracks from a variety of music programs, and someone plays music from regular CDs.

Of course, the style of music and features of its playing, as well as the addition of special effects and unique moments, also contributes to the separation and development of its own direction. Still, most DJs prefer to be generalists, using music of different styles with the creation of their own "chips". This approach allows you to attract different audiences and increase the number of fans.

Look into the club

Of course, no club establishment can do without its DJ, who is his face, his peculiarity. The reason is simple - people come to clubs to relax, dance or just listen to music in a certain style and manner of performance. A lot of club visitors come to listen to the DJ and look at his work, get a certain mood and emotions.

DJ club should be well aware of the work of the institution and its purpose. A good DJ should not only provide uninterrupted music, creating smooth transitions between tracks and a dance mood, but also provide exciting shows in the course of their work. The unique atmosphere of each institution is created by a DJ, and therefore a stylish look and working enthusiasm in this case will not be enough, you need to be a professional in your field, know how to manage various equipment and feel the music.

Work on the radio

Radio stations often save people from boredom, allow them to be up to date and just listen to music in any place where there is a radio wave reception. Radio is well-planned and does not allow violations and errors, the flow of the information produced must be dense, but compact and optimally linked to music. The main source of income for radio stations is advertising, which is issued by a DJ during the introduction to the tracks.

To work on the radio, in addition to professional skills and the ability to handle special studio equipment, a DJ must have a pleasant voice, a relaxed and benevolent manner of communication, a sense of humor, the ability to competently express thoughts, keeping within the exact time specified. Therefore, only a competent, educated, very responsible, having oratorical ability can become a DJ on a radio. The appearance and style of clothing in this case does not matter, with the exception of Internet radio with the possibility of video broadcasts.

Mobile DJ

Many usually present themselves in this role. To work in various places, at parties, to hold events, holidays, to meet interesting people, to be always in motion and in the center of attention - this is what attracts young people to the work of mobile DJ. In addition, a specialist in this field who has an excellent reputation and reputation, can work not only for any company, but also for himself (subject to the availability of the necessary equipment).

Mobile DJing is notable for work in any conditions and places, including open areas. At the same time, the performance does not have certain frameworks and criteria, giving complete freedom of action and improvisation, becoming unique and simply unique, and this fascinates the audience.

How to become a DJ?

So far, DJing is not such a profession, which is taught in universities, the only official specialty, close to this business, is sound engineering. In part, the necessary skills can be obtained at radio and television institutes. There are many DJing schools - they are not only effective in acquiring skills, but also help the beginner in promoting their name, since training is accompanied by performances in clubs.

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