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Post Malone (Post Malone)

Malon is a prominent representative of American rap culture. He has a terrific image, this charismatic musician is difficult to confuse with someone, fans will recognize the white rapper Post Malone by his gold teeth and dreadlocks. In addition to performing and writing songs, the artist is engaged in production. He tries to fully realize his talents, this was taught by his father, who initially motivated his son to make music, and still supports his desire to conquer the musical Olympus. Father is the most important admirer of talent. Post Malon.

short biography

Austin Richard Post (real name of the rapper) was born in the state of New York, city of Syracuse on July 4, 1995. The family moved to Grapvine, Texas in 2004, in connection with the appointment of the father to a new position. His father worked in the Dalas Cowboys professional American football club — he ran a snack bar. Malon loves sports since childhood, often attended sports, he especially likes basketball. Even in his videos, the singer is removed with the ball. Initially, Austin became interested in learning the guitar while playing the popular video game "Guitar Hero". In this game, he managed to reach five stars at all levels. YouTube video tutorials also helped him learn the tool. In 2010, Austin auditioned for the group "Crown the Empire", but his candidacy was rejected after he broke the strings of the guitar.

The first professional musical experience Post Malone received in the direction of heavy metal. Then he began to engage in hip-hop, experimenting, creating compositions using a digital music editor - FL Studio. Malon recorded his first song at the age of 16 using the capabilities of the digital audio editor Audacity. She was called Young and After Them Riches (young, and behind them wealth). His music made a splash at school and was liked by classmates.

After graduation, he enters Tarrant Country College, he soon drops out of school and moves to Los Angeles with his longtime friend Jason Strouck, then he was 18 years old. At the same time, he comes up with his stage name, it was rumored that his name was derived from the name of famous footballer Carey Malon. The rapper himself claims that he simply came up with this name from his last name and the word “Malon”. Initially, he lived in Los Angeles with a group of gamers TeamCrafted popular on YouTube and even appeared in their videos. Also participated in the BLKCVRD group with Jason Stroke.

In 2015, the singer is already seriously engaged in his musical career. He was looking for a place where he could record music, and one of his friends sent Malon to the studio Stevie B., where he met FKi 1st, which later helped to record his first famous single "White Iverson" to him.

In February 2015, Malon places his first single "White Iverson" on SoundCloud (the sound cloud). "White Iverson" scored more than 1 million views within a month after the release. After such a great success, the singer began to receive offers from very large production companies and labels. In the same year, Post Malone signed a contract with Republic Record, the famous record label that acts as a division of the Universal Music Group.

Interesting Facts

  • When Malon was a teenager, he worked at the Express-Chicken regional fast-food chain, saved $ 800 and let them down a couple of Versace relievers.
  • His love for rap began with a gift from his father - "Lean Back", his first CD.
  • He quit college three months after he began his studies in order to study his favorite music.
  • His musical career began in 2014, his first song was released in 2015, which means that Malon did not have enough time to make a fortune. Nevertheless, in 2017, the total value of its assets amounted to about 1 million dollars - this is surprising.
  • When asked about his unusual style, the rapper replies that since childhood he wanted dreadlocks and gold teeth, now his dream has come true.
  • The name of one of Post Malone's hits "White Iverson" is derived from the name of ex-NBA star Alan Iverson. He wrote the music and the words of the mega-hit two days before recording at the studio. Malon did a bit with 1st and wrote all the lyrics to his house.
  • Malon likes to help young, yet unknown rappers and bands. He helps to popularize their music and takes part in many projects.
  • Very little is known about the rapper's personal life. Malon has a girlfriend called Ashley. The facts of her personal life and profession are not published in the press, and are unknown. There is one genuine information - this couple met when Ashley ordered Malone to do a show at a nightclub.
  • Post Malone dreamed of becoming the number 1 singer in America when he was only 10 years old.
  • Malon is an introvert and a nerd, he is a cultured and educated person in life, but as soon as he gets on the stage, he changes. Through music, using sometimes profanity, conveys his inner worldview.
  • Fasting Malon is a patriot of America, in 2013 he uploaded a video where he was dressed in a shirt made from the American flag and sings the song “Do not think about it, everything is fine” by Bob Dylan.
  • Post Malon currently lives in Los Angeles, his official Instagram page is post.malone3.
  • The release of the second album is expected on December 1, 2017, and it will be called "Beerbongs and Bentleys".
  • Rumor has it that Malon "smells" and does not like to shower. But he himself asserts that although he does not observe crystal purity, he has a neat appearance.
  • Fans often create memes based on variations of his name. Internet users very quickly realized that his name is very easy to change. "Post Cologne" - Post Cologne, "Water Malone" - Water Malone, "Coast Malone" - Malone Coast, "Toast Malone" - Toast Malone, "Roast Malone" - Hot Malon. Get interesting pictures.
  • The two movies used Post Malone’s music: “White Iverson in“ Bachelor Party in Pattaya ”(2016) and“ Burning Man in “Three X: World Domination” (2017).

Best Post by Malon

Malon has an original style of performance that can not leave anyone indifferent. An amazing talent to write poetry so that, at first glance, simple rhymes seem to affect all facets of the life of a modern young person.

  • "White iverson"- this is the main and the very first genius single, which immediately became a hit. It surprisingly combines a light atmospheric rap and an explosive beat that can shake sports stadiums. The music is penetrated by bright sadness, it proclaims victory over all competitors, but not aggressively, but with an expression of love to all mankind.

"White Iverson" (listen)

  • His talent was reflected in the creation of intriguing storylines in video clips for songs. His video for the song "Rockstar", which was presented in November 2017, is very original. The script seems to be similar to the movie" To Kill Bill ", but it has its extraordinary handwriting that is inherent only to this musician. Such a creative approach makes this young artist of numerous hip-hop singers The song "Rockstar" became number 1 in the hot hundred Billboard in the USA.

"Rockstar" (listen)

  • "Congratulations"- this composition is the result of a joint collaboration with the rapper Quavo, she was recognized as platinum in the USA five times!

  • "Too young"- a song-anthem of life, in the original, expressive reading of Malon. Shows his attitude to life and the world and encourages people to live here and now. Also shows Malon's commitment to the movement A $ AP - this is a style of clothing inherent in the rapper community.

"Too young" (listen)

In his first album, "August 26", Post Malone develops and improves his particular style of performance, and appears to fans as an artist with a formed presentation of sounds and images. His strong point is the creation of melodies. Malona's whole rap is one big hook, for him there is no separation between couplets and choruses. When a musician does not sing, he places accents in the course of the entire composition - small pieces of phrases, change of intonations, that it clings and I want to listen again and again to his beat. Where the melody of Malon, there and superhits. There is a lot of material in the album "August 26" that is remembered: about half are occupied by singles, from the slightly abnormal opening song "Never Understand" to the light club tracks "40 Funk" and "Monte". Towards the end of the album, Malone releases his inner voice as a rocker and sings "Hollywood Dreams" and hip-hop blues "Oh God". In all the songs of this album, the rapper appears to the listener as multifaceted and very energetic, like a fresh summer breeze. It is immediately obvious that the artist has already formed and the image has developed from a myriad of small, inherent only to him "clues". His first album in his career leaves an interesting feeling - it seems as though Malon was always lacking, and only he appeared it became clear.

Co-creation Malon with other musicians

Almost every song he writes becomes a hit. Therefore, Malone is so noticeable in the rapper party and managed to work with many famous and vibrant musicians.

  • Due to his acquaintance with the model Kelly Jenner, younger sister Kim Kardashian, Malon was invited to a party on the occasion of Kani West’s birthday. After that, they began to cooperate. Malona can be heard in the composition "Fade".

  • 50 Cent and Post Malone sang the rapper sigl about money “Tryna Fuck Me Over”.

  • With Gucci Mane, they sang "Embarrassed" - don't be shy baby. Bright melody and corporate style made this song special.

  • With Justin Bieber, he went on a tour. Malon calls Bieber "A hell of a great dude and a true friend."

This amazing and versatile artist will amaze us more than once with the results of his various talents. After all, he is so young and is only at the beginning of his life's journey, and given his irrepressible energy and ability to write some hits, we will hear about him more than once.

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